9th August 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer August 10 - 18




SAT-7 first met nine-year-old Iraqi schoolgirl

Myriam in 2014, when she was living in a

refugee camp in Erbil, Iraq. In a video that later

went viral, she spoke of her forgiveness towards

so-called Islamic State (IS) – and her longing to

return home.

Five years later, Myriam’s prayers have been answered!

A new 30-minute SAT-7 film,

Sequel of Hope

, caught up

with Myriam and her family as they celebrated their first

Easter back in their Christian hometown of Qaraqosh.


IS overran the Nineveh valley in 2014, and gave the

Christian-majority population the choice of fleeing,

paying a punitive tax, converting or “facing the sword.”

Myriam and her family were among the thousands who

fled. She ended up in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, living

initially in an unfinished shopping centre and later in a

temporary cabin in a refugee camp.

This is where SAT-7 presenter Essam Nagy first met

Myriam, while filming a Christmas special in Northern

Iraq. Despite losing her home, her school and her

friends, she astonished Essam – and SAT-7’s viewers –

with a message of forgiveness towards her persecutors.

“I know that God loves me, He loves everybody –

even the people who tried to harm us,” Myriam said.

“I won’t do anything to them; I will only ask God to

forgive them. I have forgiven them.

“I’m not angry at God. I thank Him because He

provided for us. Even if we’re suffering here, I know

that Jesus will never forsake me.”

Following the liberation of Qaraqosh from ISIS in

2016, Christian families slowly started moving back to

the area. Myriam and her family finally returned home

in September 2018.


Filmed in Qaraqosh this Easter,

Sequel of Hope


both the destruction left by IS and the resilience of the

Iraqi Christian community.

In the film, now 13-year-old Myriam says her family’s

home was “protected by the hand of God”. IS

destroyed much of her hometown, but Myriam’s house

remained standing.

But after living as a refugee for four years, she says,

“It’s not about the house. It’s about seeing what God

is doing for you. God is always protecting you and you

can count on Him.”

“I love Qaraqosh,” she continues. “It’s where I was

born and studied during my childhood, but the more

important thing is that I love to see people believing in



Myriam also urged Christians to pray and bring

hope to the millions of refugee children who are still

displaced from their homes.

“Please, please, don’t forget the world’s children,”

Myriam says. “I know what it’s like to think you

will never see your home or your friends again. As

Christians we must remember in our prayers and in

our compassion all the children around the world who

are suffering because of war and often because they are


In her saddest moments, Myriam said that knowing

that believers around the world were praying for her

and other Iraqi Christians – and being able to watch

SAT-7’s children’s programmes – kept her hope alive.

“Myriam’s story captured millions of hearts,” says

SAT-7’s International CEO, Rita El-Mounayer, who

grew up in war-torn Lebanon and, like Myriam, found

a refuge from war in watching TV.

“If we want to change the Middle East, we must

focus on the children. They have all this pain, all this

brokenness and hurt. But God is using SAT-7 to bring a

message of reconciliation and peace.”


Sat-Sun 10-11 August

Praise God that Myriam and

her family have returned


Monday 12 August

Today is International Youth

Day. Pray for young people

around the world, that they will

find hope for the future in God.

Tuesday 13 August

Pray for Iraqi Christians, like

Myriam and her family, as

they return home and start to

rebuild their communities and


Wednesday 14 August

Pray for the Iraqi Christians

who have not yet been able to

return home, that they will be

able to return soon.

Thursday 15 August

Thank God for SAT-7 KIDS

presenter Essam Nagy and the

positive influence he has been

in millions of children’s lives.

Friday 16 August

Thank God for SAT-7 KIDS

programmes, which bring

hope and comfort to children

across the MENA.

Sat-Sun 17-18 August

“The Lord your God goes

with you; he will never

leave you nor forsake you”

(Deuteronomy 31:6). Pray that,

like Myriam, children across

the MENA will come to know

this amazing truth.

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