8th September 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer September 9 - 15




Once a rebellious teenager and now a teacher of

God’s Word, Pastor Adel Malek helps empower

viewers to face everyday challenges through

the programme

Words for Life

. He shares the

importance of helping viewers seek the truth in

the Bible.

“Interpreting and understanding the Word is very

important, because the Bible tells us about God and

what His will is for us,” says Pastor Malek, who presents

the show. “God doesn’t just want our prayers. He

created us to be His hands and feet on the earth, and

fulfil His will through our works and service.”


Pastor Malek chose the name

Words for Life

for the

programme to highlight the importance of God’s Word

in our lives. “The Word of God is so powerful,” he says.

“It gives life and changes us.”

Many Christians in the MENA who have limited access

to Christian teaching can now learn biblical truths, as

Pastor Malek explains the Scriptures in a simple and

profound way.


Pastor Malek draws inspiration for his teaching from his

personal experience of transformation.

“I dutifully went to church as a child, but during my

teenage years I felt a wave of rebellion overcome me,”

he explains. “I began to have questions that no one

could answer. I thought that Christians were naïve in

their faith and didn’t have strong evidence to support it.


Monday 9 September

Thank God for the programme

Words for Life

, and the vital

need it is meeting for the

Christians of the MENA.

Tuesday 10 September

“For the word of God is alive

and active. Sharper than

any double-edged sword, it

penetrates even to dividing

soul and spirit, joints and

marrow; it judges the thoughts

and attitudes of the heart.”

(Hebrews 4:12)

Thank God for the power of

His word to change and shape

our lives.

Wednesday 11 September

Thank God for Pastor

Malek and his journey of

transformation. Pray that God

will continue to fill him with

wisdom as he teaches others.

Thursday 12 September

Pray that viewers will learn

deep biblical truths through

the show, and that it will give

them the boldness to speak

to others about their faith with


Friday 13 September

Pray that MENA Christians

will be able to find safe access

to the Bible in their own


Sat-Sun 14-15 September

This weekend is the Richmond

Runfest, during which a team

of runners will be running a

10K race for SAT-7. Pray for

strength and endurance for

them as they run, and that the

event will raise lots of funds.

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