8th September 2017

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Sadiki is a young woman who, like many others born into poverty in Egypt, did not receive an education. But after joining classes provided by a Tearfund partner, a whole new world was opened up to her. It was just in time, too: with her new skills, Sadiki was able to save her husband’s business from disaster.


Many children dread going back to school, but Sadiki* used to dream about it. She longed to be able to read, write and do basic arithmetic, but poverty kept holding her dreams back. ‘I felt jealous of people who were able to get an education,’ she tells us.


Thankfully, help was at hand. During a community meeting, there was an invitation for people to join basic literacy and arithmetic classes, organised by Tearfund partner Think and Do, with help from local volunteers.


Sadiki happily joined the classes, but her husband Gamal* was jealous and stopped her from attending. He didn’t want his wife to know more than he did. To placate her husband she agreed, but inside she was crushed.


Arithmetic to the rescue

One day it came to Sadiki’s attention that her husband’s business was in trouble. He owned a small grocery shop in the village, but it was losing a lot of money. She asked him about, but he couldn’t offer any explanation.


Sadiki visited the shop and, after looking over the numbers, realised that some of their suppliers were exploiting her husband, taking advantage of his ignorance of maths.


Gamal asked her to support him in reviewing the shop’s finances, and she was able to fix many of the problems. He realised that Sadiki, even with her very limited education, had been able to save his shop.


A better life

He felt deeply sorry and humbled, and from then on they attended the classes together.


Sadiki’s dream for an education came true. She’s now incredibly happy, and every evening she helps her children with their homework. Her husband, meanwhile, can now look after the shop finances with confidence.


‘We thank God that we have Think and Do in our village,’ says Sadiki. ‘It has given us the opportunity to live a better life.’


*Names have been changed to protect identities.



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What an amazing story. As the mum of a little girl very excited to start year two of school this week, it's shocking to reflect on the reality that education is still out of reach for many, and inspiring to hear about Tearfund partners working to change this.


Amy Church

Copy Team Leader









Prayer Item #1


A recent escalation of violence in the Central African Republic has forced some aid agencies to leave certain parts of the country. Please pray for an end to the conflict there, and for protection over vulnerable communities. Please pray that Tearfund will be able to continue our work in the country and access the most vulnerable communities in hard to reach areas.



Prayer Item #2


Thank God for the peaceful response after the Kenyan election results were nullified last week. Please pray that continued peace will reign in Kenya during this time and after the re-run results. Severe drought and conflict continues to blight east Africa; 19 million people are affected, so please continue to pray for God’s peace and provision.



Prayer Item #3


Hurricane Irma is currently wreaking havoc in the Caribbean. Please pray for the safety of families and their homes, livestock and livelihoods. Praise God that the full force of the storm didn’t hit Haiti, which is still recovering from last year’s Hurricane Matthew. Pray that the storm will reduce in strength and that its path will avoid any further centres of population.


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