8th January 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer January 9 - 16





When worship programme

Keep on Singing

broadcast a special episode from Jordan, God used it

in a very powerful way. “You have made history

for Jordan,” one musician said – and SAT-7 ARABIC

viewers agreed. Many shared how the programme

showed a new vision of Jordanian Christian identity

and encouraged them to return to the Lord.

The special show featured worship songs by the

band from Karak Evangelical Church. Afterwards,

band member Mawiyah Halasa was brimming with

excitement about the show and the audience response.

“Words are not enough to express all I want to say,” she

said. “For us, it was an unforgettable time as we found

ourselves representing Jordan.”


SAT-7 ARABIC received hundreds of comments from

Keep on Singing

viewers who were moved by this episode –

and the church has, too.

“We have received so many calls and messages about

what the Lord did through this episode,” Mawiyah

shared. “And,

large numbers

of brothers

and sisters who

used to come to

church called us

to express their

passion to return

to the Lord.”


Although Jordan has been known for its relative religious

freedom, in recent years, Christians in the country have

been increasingly under pressure.

By reflecting the local culture and singing in the

Jordanian dialect, the musicians were able to send a

profound message about the legitimacy of an identity

that is both Jordanian and Christian.

“The effect of this episode goes far beyond the people

involved,” Mawiyah said. “It is much bigger than that.

The episode included a rediscovery of Jordanian identity.

This has been missing in our churches.”


Wednesday 9 January

Praise God for this special

Jordanian episode of

Keep on


and for the powerful

impact it had in people’s lives.

Thursday 10 January

Hany, a SAT-7 viewer, told

us: “I would like to thank the


Keep on Singing

because it has been a real

blessing personally in my life.”

Thank God that He has

brought such joy and hope

into viewers’ lives through the


Friday 11 January

Less than 2% of Jordan’s

population are Christians.

Pray that God will strengthen

the small Christian community

– and that it will grow!

Sat-Sun 12-13 January

King Abdullah II of Jordan

has expressed solidarity with

the Christian minority in the

country on several occasions,

and has promised to protect

them. Pray he will remain

committed to this promise.

Monday 14 January

Pray for Karak Evangelical

Church, that they will be a light

to their community and nation.

Tuesday 15 January

Thank God for the diversity of

cultures, countries, ethnicities

and dialects that are shown on

SAT-7’s channels.

Wednesday 16 January

Pray that SAT-7 ARABIC will

continue to seek out ways to

help all its viewers across the

Arab world to feel included

and represented.

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