7th September 2019

Lifewords Prayer September 8 - 14


A global ministry

Last month we updated you on Bible resources distribution all over the world. Now we

can report that our most recent figures show the number of booklets that have been

ordered is even higher! Thank you for praying for this core part of our ministry. Praise

God that so many people are ordering and sharing.

 “Our summer distribution was very high,” says Jarek Jankowski, Bible Resources Director. “This means people are actively sharing the gospel in many places

around the world. Our July distribution figures have nearly reached 58,000 (a normal monthly average is 30,000) and this was our highest monthly distribution

for many months. So far, our August figures have been also high.” Give thanks for this surge in orders and for God’s Word being shared so widely.

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 Our Australia and Kenya offices also reported an increase in people ordering for local use. “We distributed over 23,500 resources to different partners,

including those working with young people in West Pokot and hospital ministry in Nairobi,” says Clara Ngobolia, Kenya Director. Pray for these thousands

of dedicated people who take and share Lifewords resources. Pray that God would give them strength, courage, compassion and insight.

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 We hear a lot of stories from people sharing good news all over the world. For example, in Brazil people are ministering in prisons and detention centres,

reaching out to patients in hospitals, and evangelising in public squares, hostels, schools and orphanages. Pray for every person who receives a booklet.

Pray that God would help them understand the words they read and that they would choose to put their faith in Jesus.

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