7th September 2019

20Schemes Weekly Update


This week's prayer points are focussing on Niddrie Community Church. The following are from the ministry team lead, Jason Nelson.


1) Please pray for our new international outreach in the community. There have been a lot of internationals visiting the church lately.


2) Pray for all of the unbelievers that continually come to church, the cafe, and other events. Pray for a harvest of souls.


3) Please pray for unity and direction within the new ministry team serving in Niddrie.



You can financially support the work of 20schemes by purchasing Mez's latest book!


A book like this has never been written before.


This book is for the victims who have lived through child abuse like Mez, but it is also for the abuser. It is for those who are walking with them both...leading us all to the cross.


"This is the most disturbing book that I have ever read, and I cannot recommend it highly enough."

-Rosaria Butterfield


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Today our management committee for 20schemes Canada met with our first Canadian missionary!


Did you know 20schemes is now a Canadian charity? 20schemes Canada exists to support church planting in the schemes of Scotland.

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