7th July 2017

Scripture Union Scotland: Summer Week 2


Prayer Points for SU Events

Summer Wk 2 – 8 to 15 July


Events running this week:

8-11 July              Lendrick Muir Football Holiday (LM2a) for P5-7 led by Chris Beattie

8-15 July              Alltnacriche Holiday (AV2) for S2-6 led by Chris & Claire Macrae

8-15 July              Glenshee Holiday (GS2) for P5-7 led by Colin Carmichael

8-15 July              Kingscross Holiday (KX2) for S1-S4 led by Rachel Sloan

8-15 July              Lendrick Muir Holiday (LM2b) for P5-7 led by Jo Rose

10-15 July            Scoughall Motiv8 Holiday (S2) for P6-7 led by Phil & Laura Brown

12-15 July            Lendrick Muir – KART Holiday (LM2e) for P5-7 led by Chris Beattie

10-14 July            Port Seton & Cockenzie Mission led by Sheila Bulloch

10-31 July            Respond Rwanda trip in partnership with Urban Saints, team led by Helen Moss


Please pray:

  • Give thanks for those who serve as volunteers and make our events possible.  Pray for Team Leaders in all the responsibilities they carry, particularly caring for team and campers and overseeing the spiritual content of the event.  Pray for Assistant Team Leaders as they arrange the programme and plan a week full of fun activities.  Pray for cooks as they make sure everyone is well fed, often coping with a variety of special diets.  Pray for group leaders as they care for campers, sharing with them in activities and group times through the week.  Pray for trainee leaders as they make the transition from being campers to being part of the team, and take on various responsibilities for the first time.  Pray for travel leaders and drivers, as they are the first point of contact for young people and their families.  Pray that each volunteer would be blessed and encouraged in their own faith as they give their time to serve.  Give thanks for the many different people who use their time and gifts to make our programme of summer events possible.
  • Give thanks for the partnership with Urban Saints and SU in Rwanda and for the 12 young people and 5 leaders who will be heading to Rwanda from Scotland.  They have a very early start on 10th July, meeting at the airport at 3am!  Pray for travel to go smoothly and all luggage to arrive safely with the team.  Pray for good health, unity in the team and safety in travel and activities.  Give thanks for the opportunities and experiences the young people will have and pray that this trip will be a life changing experience for each one.
  • Give thanks for the opportunity to run an event in partnership with Chris Beattie and KART, the local area Trust.  Give thanks for ongoing relationships with the young people who will attend and pray for that the time spent away together will be really significant in deepening those relationships and helping young people grow in their understanding of God’s love for them.
  • Give thanks for the staff at Lendrick Muir and Alltnacriche.  They have just finished a busy term of schools residentials at both centres.  Pray that all the staff will have the opportunity for a break and to restore energy levels before the new school term begins in the Autumn.  Pray for staff as they work with holiday teams to deliver activities and to ensure the smooth running of the centres, pray for clear communication and unity as they work together to ensure a good holiday for all the young people.  Pray that they will be encouraged in their ministry as they see young people responding to the Gospel.
    • Give thanks for all the work that has been done at Scoughall and Kingscross to make improvements to the sites, and for the volunteers who give their time and practical skills to help with maintenance of the sites.  Pray for wisdom and financial provision for future developments.  Pray for the 4 young people who are serving as site assistants over the summer.  Give thanks for their willingness to take on this role and pray for good relationships with each camp team.  Pray for safety as they work to maintain the grounds and keep things running smoothly.  Give thanks for Clive Taylor who oversees Kingscross throughout the Summer.  Andrew McKay who had responsibility for the sites has recently moved on to work at the Quinta Centre in Oswestry.  Pray for him and his family as they settle in to their new life.  Give thanks for Alasdair Morrison who has stepped into Andrew’s role and pray for him as he oversees many different logistical arrangements.  Give thanks for the stunning locations of these two sites, and all the other centres used over the Summer, and pray that young people would encounter God in the beauty of his creation.

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