7th April 2018

Lifewords Prayer April 8 - 14


Life words in your pocket

More than three billion people worldwide now have access to the internet. For almost 15 years Lifewords has been resourcing communities with Life Changing Words (LCWords) a free email service and mobile app that sends daily Bible verses straight to users' devices, in 12 different global languages.


* LCWords already has tens of thousands of global users, and last year almost 27,000 verses were shared by email, social media, or text message to a friend. Give thanks for the ways in which mobile devices are being used as pastoral and evangelistic tools, especially in times where people may not have a physical Bible resource to hand.


* We would now like to further develop LCWords and update its digital content. This includes uploading digital versions of our Bible resources to the app, allowing users to read them online and share them with friends and family. As well as reading and passing on daily verses, we want people to be able to share a message of depth and value, tailored to people’s needs communicated through both text and image. Please pray that this new content will bring good news to many.


* At the same time, we plan to re-design some of our core range of literature to ensure the booklets stay fresh, relevant and up-to-date. We hope to be able to commit in the region of £50,000 to this work in 2018 on top of our regular budget for distributing Bible resources around the world free of charge. Give thanks for those who are able to support Lifewords’ work through prayer and gifts. Please pray that we are able to meet our target and can equip more people with life words for themselves and their community.


Please support <https://global.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4bb2690302f87e09194c69f96&id=16e18dd298&e=1222455c69> this project today and help put life words in people's pockets.

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