6th September 2019

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When back to school is cool



By Tarryn Pegna


What a privilege. To laugh at a string of tweets from parents jokingly relieved to send their children back to school. To smile at the comments of children who would prefer to stay out of uniforms and lessons.


@DadandBuried tweeted: My son tried to avoid going back to school by running away from me at the bus stop, so I ran in the other direction and now we're both free!


This made me giggle. No, my kids don’t really hate school and I don’t hate my kids, but there’s a funny solidarity in mums and dads counting down the last days of holiday and for the children to moan with their friends at returning to homework and Maths.


What a privilege to have these jokes and groans.


No joking matter

For Amir* in Yemen, all he wanted was to go back to school. To have the life a 13-year-old boy should.


Amir’s mother passed away and his father is bedridden after an accident left him crippled. As the eldest child in the family, it fell to Amir to take care of his father, his brother and three sisters.


At 13, someone should still have been taking care of him.


But if Amir didn’t provide for his family, who would?


All the hope he had was a wheelbarrow, which he filled every morning with a crate of eggs and a pot of potatoes and wheeled around the village, trying to sell the contents.


Hey, teachers, (don’t) leave them kids alone

Then Amir met our partner who runs a food security project in his area. They provided food, freeing up his days. A local community initiative, supported by Tearfund, also gave Amir a backpack filled with school supplies.


Now Amir is doing what a 13-year-old boy should be. Spending his days with other 13-year-olds. Learning. Being given a future. Free from the heavy burden of providing for a whole family.


Maybe he’s even groaning with his friends about homework and Maths… I hope so.







* Praise God for Amir’s new hope for the freedom to build a better future.

* Pray for strength and courage for children who are carers. Pray that God will provide people to see their needs and step in to help.

* Pray for our partners in Yemen and for the communities they are empowering. Pray that they will be blessed, protected and refreshed.


*Name has been changed to protect identity



A note from...



‘Imagine how awful it would be to have to send your child to work instead of school. No father in Yemen wants to do that, but for many it is their only means of survival. The situation in Yemen is getting worse, and Tearfund's partners are working hard to reach out to those, like Amir's family, who are most vulnerable.’


Karen Soerenson

Middle East Team









Prayer Item #1


Please lift up the nation of Burundi, where violence is escalating ahead of elections in early 2020. Pray for God's hand of peace to rest over the country; pray for fair, democratic elections; and pray for wise and just leadership.



Prayer Item #2


Please pray for the 2.5 million Kenyans at risk of starvation following prolonged drought conditions in parts of the country. Pray for rain to fall where it is needed, and that emergency food supplies will be able to reach those who are vulnerable.



Prayer Item #3


Last week marked the last ever Soul Survivor a Christian youth conference that has been running for over two decades. Praise God for all the young people who have been inspired and equipped through attending Soul Survivor. And pray that God will continue to raise up youths who are passionate about justice and serving the poor.


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