5th July 2019

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No-one gets left behind



Finding out ISIS were approaching their village in Iraq, Tarfa and her husband Hamed* had little choice but to flee. Along with many others, they left their home and livelihoods behind, desperate to escape.


After walking for some time, Tarfa experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. In the panic, her son had gone missing and no-one knew where he was.


‘Without thinking I decided to go back and search for him,’ says Tarfa. ‘I was told that it was dangerous to go back and that ISIS would come to kill me, but I insisted.’


What courage that must have taken. A love so powerful, even in the face of fear and danger. It’s a love we know well. To leave the others behind and to go back, searching to find the one (Matthew 18:12).



Finally, Tarfa found her son asleep in some straw. He had become tired of walking and had stopped to sleep. Her son was safe alive and unhurt. Tarfa was so relieved.


‘I grabbed his hand and we walked together until we joined our family. Many families lost their children I am so thankful to still have mine,’ she says.


Conflict has caused widespread suffering across Iraq. More than 3.4 million people have been uprooted from their homes and communities.


Many displaced families suffer extreme hardship and debt as they struggle to afford essential items. Tarfa and her family are living in a camp. They are grateful that they are able to be together as a family, but times are hard.



Our local teams are at work in Tarfa’s camp, committed to helping meet people’s physical and emotional needs.


‘Tearfund's assistance is very important for us the hygiene kits contain soap and washing powder, which is very important for a healthy life,’ says Hamed. ‘We can wash our tent, mats [and] our clothes.’


As well as providing clean water and hygiene kits, Tearfund is helping communities to recover and move on from the conflict.






* Pray that God will keep families like Hamed and Tarfa’s safe and together.

* Lift up everyone who has been displaced by the conflict in Iraq. Pray God’s comfort and protection over them.

* Pray for lasting peace for Iraq.


*Names changed to protect identity.



A note from...



‘Reading Tarfa’s story I couldn’t help but be struck by her immense courage staring fear in the face, motivated by love, she was able to find her son and keep her family together. It’s the gentle reminder I needed that love wins out. I hope whatever fear you’re facing, you’ll know this truth too.’


Rachael Adams

Brand and Communications Team









Prayer Item #1


Trading in foreign currency has been made illegal in Zimbabwe. Living costs are rocketing, and supplies of fuel and power are plummeting. Pray for people who could be pushed deeper into poverty as a result of this, for stability, and for our partners doing all they can to help communities in most need.



Prayer Item #2


Please continue to pray for people struggling due to the ongoing economic and political crisis in Venezuela, and for those trying to cross into other countries. Pray especially for the areas bordering Peru and Ecuador, where thousands of people are arriving every day.


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