4th January 2019

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Nigel Harris, Tearfund’s CEO, encourages us to keep praying as the new year begins.


As we start 2019, we are as passionate as ever about following Jesus where the need is greatest. Please join us in lifting up these five places at the start of this new year, where the needs are particularly deep and where people desperately need our prayers.



The growing humanitarian crisis in Nigeria has forced many people from their homes as conflict between herders and farmers shows little sign of ending.


An estimated 7.7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. In seven years of conflict, more than 20,000 people have been killed in Boko Haram-related incidents.


‘Despite Nigeria having one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, it is a nation with the largest number of people living in poverty in the world. For 2019, Tearfund will continue to work towards changing this paradox,’ says Paul Mershak, our Nigeria Country Representative.


How you can pray for Nigeria:


* For the elections planned for February and March to be fair and peaceful.

* For people in need of humanitarian assistance, that our partners will be able to reach them.

* For peace between herders and farmers, bringing the violent clashes to an end.



Ongoing conflict means Yemenis continue to face dangers on several fronts from potential famine and cholera, to the impact of transport systems and health facilities destroyed by conflict.


In September 2018 the head of the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) declared that the situation in Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Across the nation, 22.2 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, and 8.4 million are at risk of starvation. This will continue unless a peaceful resolution to the conflict is found.


‘Tearfund will work through our partners to respond to the potential famine, but also to the needs that exist right now. We’re also potentially seeing another large spike in the cholera situation, so our partners are scaling up to respond,’ says Kieren Barnes, our Middle East Response Director.


How you can pray for Yemen:


* For peace to come to Yemen.

* For people suffering from severe food shortages, that it will be possible to get emergency supplies to those in most need.

* For an end to the cholera outbreaks deepening the crisis.


East Africa

In September 2018 a peace agreement was signed between two of South Sudan’s rival leaders. However, there have since been violent clashes in some parts of the country. As violence typically reduces humanitarian access, a lasting peace deal is needed to end the risk of famine.


Meanwhile, farmers in Kenya and Somalia are likely to continue to struggle due to the effects of a changing climate. Crop production is anticipated to fall 30 40 per cent below average.


‘While much has been achieved following Tearfund’s appeal for the region in 2017, the fragile security situation, climate change and extreme poverty are still big threats to lives and livelihoods…’, says Douwe Dijkstra, Tearfund’s Lead for East and Central Africa.


How you can pray for East Africa:


* For peace in areas of conflict, particularly South Sudan.

* For people who are suffering from a lack of food, that harvests will be good and rains will fall when needed.

* That Tearfund’s staff and partners will be able to reach those who are most vulnerable.



Thousands of people are fleeing every month due to instability. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts Venezuela’s inflation rate will reach 10 million per cent this year, meaning essentials such as food and medicine will be increasingly hard to come by.


A project supported by Tearfund called ‘The Venezuela we dream’ is helping children draw their dreams and hopes for Venezuela.


‘Children in Venezuela dream of living in a safe, peaceful place,’ says Loida Carriel, Tearfund’s Advocacy Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean. ‘They hope for a life where their family is together, and they do not have to travel far to get food, medicine or jobs.’


How you can pray for Venezuela:


* For children who dream of a better future, that there will be the stability for this to happen.

* For those who have fled the country, that they will stay safe and be able to return home.

* That political leaders will have wisdom in their decision making.


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The spread of Ebola in the DRC remains a major concern. Efforts by doctors and aid workers to contain the virus are being hampered by conflict. The UN has called for an end to hostilities to allow medical teams to tackle the outbreak.


The DRC has suffered from decades of civil war. Instability in the region has led to widespread poverty, violence and division.


‘We want to continue seeing churches and communities reconciled and standing on their own two feet; women seen not as victims but having a valued role in their communities; children laughing because they have clean water to drink; and those displaced having a future and a hope,’ says David McAllister, Tearfund’s DRC Country Director.


How you can pray for the DRC:


* For peace as tribal violence continues to claim many lives.

* For the many children orphaned due to conflict and Ebola.

* For the president elected over Christmas, and that the new government will lead the people of DRC in a new era of peace and justice.


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One Voice will be back to its usual format next week.

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