4th August 2017

Scripture Union Scotland: Summer Week 6


Prayer Points for SU Events

Summer Wk 6 – 5 - 12 Aug


Events running this week:

21 July – 6 Aug   International Leadership Camp in Ukraine, with team led by Jackie Ringan

5-10 Aug              Soul Survivor at Lendrick Muir

5-10 Aug              Soul Survivor Holiday (LMSoul1) for S2-6 led by Mike Glass

5-10 Aug              Soul Survivor Holiday (LMSoul2) for S2-6 led by Helen & James Hogg

4-12 Aug              Kingscross Holiday (KX6) for P6-S6 led by Kenny & Alison McKie

5-12 Aug              Alltnacriche Holiday (AV6) for S2-6 led by Alan & Rachel Clark

5-12 Aug              Glenshee Holiday (GS6) for P6-S2 led by George & Audrey Chalmers

5-11 Aug              Scoughall Holiday (S6) for P5-7 at Scoughall led by Donald & Dorothy Webb

5-12 Aug              Sailing Holiday (GC6) for S3-6 led by Andrew Maudsley

7-11 Aug              Aviemore Mission led by Alan Myles

7-11 Aug              Tranent Mission led by Debbie Middlemass

7-11 Aug              Buckstone Mission led by David & Lorraine Johnson

7-11 Aug              Eyemouth Mission led by Andy & Carrie Haddow

7-11 Aug              Callender Mission led by Louise Slowman

7-11 Aug              Whitecraig Mission, East Lothian led by Hazel Gray

7-11 Aug              Southside Glasgow Mission led by Phil Wray


Please pray:

  • Pray for the young people returning from Ukraine.  Give thanks for the opportunities they have had to learn and grow and serve.  Pray for time to reflect on all they have learned.  Pray for the current Gap Year in the last couple of weeks of their time with SU.  Pray that they will finish well and look back on a year of spiritual growth and blessing.  Pray for them as they move on.  Pray for those preparing to start their Gap Year just before the Big Celebration.
  • Pray for all the Missions happening this week.  Give thanks for each child who will attend and pray for them and their families.  Pray for encouragement for Christian families and for boldness as they reach out to their friends and invite them along to the Mission.  Pray that those who have no church connection would feel a warm welcome and experience God’s love in their interactions with the Mission team.  Pray for wisdom in how to build on relationships formed through the Mission.
  • Pray for young people receiving exam results on Tuesday this week, particularly those who are serving as trainees at events.  Whatever their results, pray that they will know a real sense of God’s love for them and the security that comes from placing their life in His hands.
    • Give thanks for the 3rd year of our partnership with Soul Survivor. Last year stormy weather brought many challenges, particularly to those sleeping in tents.  Pray for the staff at Lendrick Muir as they support this large event and help ensure all the logistics run smoothly and issues are quickly addressed.  Pray for Mike Glass who will be leading an event for the first time, and for Helen and James Hogg who lead the other SU holiday at Soul Survivor.  In the midst of all the Soul Survivor activities, pray that a real sense of community will develop at these two SU events and there will be space for young people to respond to all they are hearing and experiencing.  Pray for wisdom and sensitivity for the leaders as they care for the campers and support them as they explore faith.
  • Give thanks for the recent gift of Gowanbank and pray that it will be a place of blessing to many in the years to come.  Pray for those who are working on development plans and for all the work that needs to be done over the coming months.  Pray for God’s provision of the people and finances necessary to take this project forward.
    • Pray that God will bless the staff and ministry at Glenshee, Bassenfell, Glencoe and Auchengillan.  Give thanks for their partnership in helping make SU Holidays possible. 

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