3rd November 2018

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer November 4 - 11









This week is a special

Week of Prayer for SAT-7,

during which thousands of

people around the globe

will join together to pray

for the Middle East and

North Africa (MENA).

Our theme this year is

‘faithful witness in a changing

world’. For centuries, MENA

Christians have stayed faithful

despite conflicts, turmoil, and

persecution. As a satellite

broadcaster, able to cross

borders and reach people in

the most isolated places, we

want to encourage and inspire

believers to stay faithful to

Christ in challenging and

changing times.


Sun 4 November:

Faithful witness to the lonely

Many believers in the MENA are isolated from the Church.

Pray that SAT-7 reaches all these individuals, and that they

would find other believers in their communities.

Monday 5 November:

Faithful witness to the illiterate

The MENA region is facing an educational crisis, with

illiteracy rates at 72 per cent in some countries. Pray that

SAT-7 is able to support those who need holistic education.

Tuesday 6 November:

Faithful witness through oppression

To be a Christian in the MENA often means to be

discriminated against and even persecuted. The cost of

following Jesus is high. Pray for our brothers and sisters in

the MENA, that they will fix their eyes on Jesus.

Wednesday 7 November:

Faithful witness to children

Children in the MENA have been born in times of conflict

and turmoil. Pray that they will be exposed to God’s love

and realise how valuable they are in His eyes.

Thursday 8 November:

Faithful witness through uncertainties

In a region full of turmoil, the young generation

faces a

lot of uncertainty for the future. Pray that SAT-7 will keep

producing programmes to help them navigate through life.

Friday 9 November:

Faithful witness through conflict

War and conflict have forced millions of people to flee and

become refugees in a strange land. Pray that through their

struggles, these people will find hope in Christ.

Saturday 10 November:

Faithful witness to women

Women in the MENA face many difficulties which can

leave them feeling worthless. Pray that they will learn to

understand their equal value and identity in Christ.

Sunday 11 November:

Faithful witness through the Church

The Church in the MENA stands firm despite the

turmoil around it. Pray that the Church remains bold

in sharing God’s love, and that SAT-7 can provide

the support it needs.

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