3rd November 2018

Lifewords Prayer November 4 - 10


Changing lives with Choose Life

Choose Life helps young people develop character and values for life, based on the wisdom of the Bible. Here are three stories from students who have gained learning about making good decisions in their lives. Give thanks for the opportunity to help guide young people in making effective choices in the face of difficult situations.


* "I had very little self-confidence," says Moses. "Sometimes at school people make fun of each other and very often I was a target. But now I believe in myself. I know that God wants me to be great and will help me achieve good things in life. I don’t need to worry or feel under pressure anymore." Please pray for young people to recognise who they are in God and to feel confident in their unique calling and gifts.


* "I used to steal all the time," says Matthew*. "I knew it was wrong, but lots of people did it and I wanted to fit in. After the Choose Life classes, I have stopped trying to fit into the wrong crowds and no longer take things that aren’t mine. I don't want my life to go the wrong way, I want to make a difference." Give thanks for changed lives. Ask God to help Matthew and others like him to stay on the right path.


* "Praying is great!" says Joanne. "I can talk about so much with God and know there is always someone listening to me. I used to have a short temper and snap easily, but now I talk to God about whatever is on my mind. Sometimes I still get angry and it’s hard, but I still get to tell Jesus all about it and think about how I should try and love everyone like Jesus does." Pray for these young people and their ongoing relationship with God. Pray that they will be established in good church communities and find friends who will encourage them in their faith.


*Name has been changed.


If you can, please make a gift <https://global.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4bb2690302f87e09194c69f96&id=f567d1d2af&e=1222455c69> and help us continue the transformational work of Choose Life.

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