3rd February 2017

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Clothed in dignity



For Malid*, a farmer from a village in Northern Iraq, life before the war is little more than a distant memory. ‘I enjoyed life in my village,’ he reflects. ‘There were no strangers; we were all relatives and friends who supported each other. Now, after this crisis, I know the value of that life.’


Like tens of thousands in Iraq, Malid’s life was shattered when militants swept through his village. ‘One evening the armed forces in our town suddenly withdrew,’ he recalls. ‘ISIS came through our streets on motorbikes shooting bullets in the air. I could not sleep, I was so worried for the safety of my family.’


As reports came in of violence and destruction in nearby villages, Malid knew it was time to run. ‘It was a terrible day. I gathered my family; I did not have time to get my clothes or items from the house.’ They managed to escape just in time as Malid fled with his wife and six children, fighting broke out in his village amongst different groups.



Malid and his family have begun to rebuild their lives, but it’s been a struggle health problems have kept Malid from employment, and he has had to adjust to a different way of life. ‘We were hoping to go back, but there is nothing there now,’ he says.


However, Malid and his family were selected for Tearfund’s financial assistance programme. ‘When I arrived at the distribution, the Tearfund staff treated us with so much respect. They even had water for us and were able to make copies of our documents,’ says Malid.


‘Financial assistance is about giving dignity back to people,’ explains Ninos, Tearfund’s Multi-sector Programme Officer. ‘People know their own needs, and cash allows them to meet those needs.’


Malid was able to purchase essential items for winter such as warm clothing, heaters and blankets. Life is still hard, but now his family have what they need to survive. ‘Thank you so much we have everything we need for winter,’ Malid says. ‘We are so grateful!’


*Name changed to protect identity






* Praise God that Malid and his family were able to escape. Please pray that families still at risk will find safety and security.


* Pray for a swift and total resolution to the conflict enveloping Iraq and the surrounding region that peace may reign.


* Lift up Tearfund’s staff and all our partners in the region, who are working in unstable and often dangerous conditions. Pray for God’s hand of protection upon them, that they may continue to help those in the greatest need.



A note from...



'We grieve with Malid and the millions of others like him across the Middle East who have suffered the impact of conflict. But we are also thankful for all the donors, churches and individuals who have given to Tearfund to enable us to support people like Malid, to enable them to cope and to begin to rebuild their lives. Our work is bringing hope and that's priceless.'


David Bebb

Middle East Support Assistant, Tearfund







* <https://gallery.mailchimp.com/cd19eb0b2a74af14054950f15/images/9fd81cc4-39d4-4924-ba99-001dd5550b41.png>


Prayer Item #1


Please pray for South Sudan as fighting between government and opposition forces escalates around the country and many civilians are caught in the crossfire or forced to flee. Millions are also going hungry after two years of poor harvests and hyper inflation, causing food prices to rise beyond the reach of most ordinary South Sudanese.

* <https://gallery.mailchimp.com/cd19eb0b2a74af14054950f15/images/9fd81cc4-39d4-4924-ba99-001dd5550b41.png>


Prayer Item #2


Pray for the Egyptian people particularly the poorest who are struggling in the face of the plummeting value of the Egyptian Pound. Please pray that the economy will soon stabilise.

* <https://gallery.mailchimp.com/cd19eb0b2a74af14054950f15/images/9fd81cc4-39d4-4924-ba99-001dd5550b41.png>


Prayer Item #3


Give thanks for our partners in Yemen who are working in extremely challenging conditions in the midst of conflict to provide emergency relief to those most in need. Please pray that no obstacles will get in the way of serving the most hard to reach, vulnerable communities.



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