31st October 2018

Compass Christian Centre November Prayer Points


Dear Friend,


Just when you think you have learned the lesson, He stretches you that little bit further!

Do you ever feel that with God? You sigh a breath of relief feeling that the lessons were learned and then stretch God moves you quickly on to the next step of the journey. Faith is a bit like that, certainly for me anyhow. I sit back feeling quite proud of my accomplishment in this faith exercise, when something new comes up and I find myself getting anxious about how it’s all going to work out! Take our staffing needs for example we need new staff in order for us to keep doing what God has put before us! Surely God knows that? But how am I going to get them here? How am I going to attract them to work in the wilds of Glenshee? How am I going to do this or do that? Have I really learned the lesson? God must really have a great sense of humour He must have to keep working with me. Every time I fall for it. Every new situation is ‘How am I?’ When I realise what I have just done I want to echo the call of Homer Simpson "DOH!"


Oswald Chambers wrote, ‘The great thing about faith in God is that it keeps a man undisturbed in the midst of disturbance.’ The only consolation I feel is that I am probably not the only person going through these experiences! I only wish it made me feel better though.


Once again thank you for praying with us. We have now had our last school for the year and we just have a couple of weekend groups and that’s it for another year.




* For many hundreds of young people who have once more heard the truth of God’s love for them

* For all the blessings God has given us

* For his amazing faithfulness, and patience with us through this year

* For the completion of the exterior of the Main House

* For the Team as they have served in this place

* For the outlets God has opened up for us to enable us to minister His love into lives of hurting people

* For the times of prayer in the streets of our local town

* For the chance to have a stall and raise His standard at the Community Markets




* Faith, that we will continue to pray and believe that God will provide the individuals we need to join the Team

* Please ask God to keep the seeds that were sown into the lives of the young people this past year alive and meaningful

* That we will have wisdom in praying alongside the individuals God has brought us in contact with, to see them set free in a wonderful way.

* For safety of team and buildings over the winter months

* That we will be able to complete all the maintenance work we need to do over these next few months

* We are launching Bush Craft in 2019. Pray that He will give us the necessary skills to complete this and have it ready for March

* For the Team working here can at times try the patience of even the greatest saint, but it is God who sustains us. Please pray that God will continue to bless us with unity and love for eachother.

* Missions and Outreach we need real God given vision as to how we move this forward in the new year and for Cealla as she thinks and prays this through

* Pray also for William as he pushes forward with our Social Media. We don’t only want this as a platform for advertising, but also to put God into the centre of what is often used for harm

* Robyn, Heather and Nigel really need to re-charge their batteries over the next while. Please pray that we will find ways of making this happen so that we are fresh and ready for 2019


01 November Braemar Cubs Climbing room session


2-4 November Ferrywell Youth Project (self catered) House full to bursting

10-11 November The Well House 1/2 full

12-13 November Nigel at Heads of Centres Conference, Gowanbank

13-15 November Staff at Scottish Christian Outdoor Centres Conference, Glencoe

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