31st January 2018

Compass Christian Centre February Prayer Points


Recently I was challenged by the question, ‘How would you like Jesus to be your Pastor?’ The answer sort of seems obvious but is it? When we (really) read the Gospels and study the ministry of Jesus, goodness - it is not that simple! Jesus made it incredibly clear what it means to be His disciple and follow Him. There is a cost and just like when He said, ‘who builds a tower without first of all thinking it through and planning it? - are we thinking it through? I wonder, do we ever look at ourselves against the principles of Christ’s teaching? Are we in line with them or are we falling short?


As we draw near to our new season starting up again, we as a team are asking ourselves, ‘what will the guests see of us when they stay here?’ The big question is, will they see Jesus? Children’s experiences of hopelessness and other emotional problems are becoming more prevalent within our wider society. We are told they are looking for complex answers at an even younger age than ever before. Social Media is now much more than keeping up with your pals, but actually a real weapon in the wrong hands. How can they approach others for answers when they don’t really know the real answer themselves? The thing is we do! It has to be Jesus! But we must show God for Who He really is not a God who is out there somewhere and comes to us now and again, but rather a God of awesome, life changing power. It reminds me of a song we used to sing many moons ago ‘Jesus is the answer for the world today, above Him there’s no other, for Jesus is the way!’ Let us all collectively pray that in 2018 Compass Christian Centre will show clearly that Jesus is the way! AMEN


STAFFING please keep praying for our staffing needs. God definitely answered our prayers recently giving us a couple of new members, but a couple of our senior team are now looking to move on. God knows our needs and I know He will fulfil our requirements.


STAFF TRAINING in the few remaining quiet weeks that we have left staff will be having refresher training in activities, house, fire safety, first aid, COSHH, child protection and food hygiene. Pray that we get through everything that is required.


GIVE THANKS for William and Rachel who have arrived safely at the Centre and are now settling in as part of the Team.


PROJECTS This year we really want to sign off on a couple of large projects i.e. end of driveway and Main Lodge exterior renovations. We are believing in God for the provision for these. Please pray in faith that He will provide.


GUESTS - I always love the fact that God knows every detail of every individual who will spend time at Compass this coming year. Pray for them and also pray that we as a Team will listen to God’s Spirit as He leads us in prayer for them and how we share with them.


CHURCHES we really want to be able to go to churches and tell them what we are about. Many see us a Christian Outdoor Centre, but really, we are much more than that. We see ourselves as a mission with a call to reach out to this nation. Pray that God will open doors.


SKI SCHOOLS This year we dropped from five down to just one ski school. They arrive at the start of February. We don’t have any real chance to share our faith with them, but pray that as they stay with us they will know there is something special about the place and even take home some literature. Also. Give thanks that all five schools will return to us in 2019.


Thank you for standing with us in prayer.


Nigel & The Team


4 6 Feb Family booking Coach House unit

5 8 Feb New Deer (Braemar Snowsports) House half full

10 17 Feb Minimax (self catered) House very full

10 16 Feb Family booking Coach House unit

23 25 Feb Church House 12 guests

26 1 March Falkland House School 13 guests

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