31st December 2018

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer January 1 - 8




For Christians in North

Africa, hearing the Gospel

in their own dialect is

a priceless gift. Sarah,

an Algerian viewer, is

witnessing first-hand the

impact of SAT-7’s Algerian-

dialect shows. “This channel

changes lives,” says Sarah.

Before she became a Christian, Sarah’s life was a mess.

“God saved me from darkness and hell,” the 60-year-

old says. But Jesus has transformed her life. “Now I’m a

believer, I feel great,” Sarah says. “I love God, and I see

His hand at work. I’m free in Christ.”

SAT-7’s Algerian-dialect shows are a lifeline to

Algerian believers, as Christian resources can be

hard to come by. Sarah and her friends love watching

SAT-7’s Algerian-dialect shows – although Sarah can

understand other forms of Arabic, she only actually

speaks the local tongue.

“I’m so happy with the Algerian programmes, because

I understand them,” she says. “Programmes in our

dialect are very easy for us, and they touch our hearts.”

Sarah explains that stories of Algerian Christians also

touch the lives of viewers who don’t come from a

Christian background. “They change when they hear

these testimonies,” she says. She explains that seekers

often watch SAT-7 in secret, for fear of how their

families and friends would react. Sarah herself is unable

to live with her two sons because of her Christian faith.

Yet despite being separated from her family, Sarah has

found joy and purpose from being a mother figure to

others in her church.

“I am the eldest sister in my church, I’m like a mother

to them,” she says. “I ask God to work in my heart, so

I can be a mother to all of them. Everything is for the

glory of Jesus Christ.”


Tuesday 1 January

Happy New Year! Pray that

God will guide and bless

SAT-7 in the year ahead.

Wednesday 2 January

Thank God that SAT-7’s

Algerian-dialect shows are

making the Gospel accessible.

Thursday 3 January

Pray for SAT-7 ARABIC

viewers who don’t come from

a Christian background, that

their lives will be changed

through watching the channel.

Friday 4 January

Thank God for Sarah’s faith

and passion for Jesus, despite

the challenges of being a

believer in Algeria.

Sat-Sun 5-6 January

Sarah and her friends especially

love the SAT-7 women’s

programmes presented by

Samia Kessai, a local producer.

Pray that God will continue

to speak to Algerian women

through Samia.

Monday 7 January

Many Middle Eastern

Christians are celebrating

Christmas today. Pray God’s

blessing on them and their


Tuesday 8 January

Pray for Sarah’s family,

particularly for her two sons,

that they too will come to

know Jesus.

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