31st August 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer September 1 - 8



SAT-7 PARS children’s


Little Musician


teaching young Persian-

speakers how to worship

God through playing a

musical instrument.

Since worship leaders are scarce in the Persian Church,

the show hopes to equip and inspire its young viewers

for the future, so that they can lead Persian-speaking

believers in worship in Iran and beyond.

Little Musician

familiarises young Persian-speakers with

songs for worship, especially viewers who are not familiar

with how Christians worship God through music.

“A few years ago, we had the idea for a series to teach

children worship songs,” explains the show’s director,

Nader Taghizadeh, recalling how the idea for the series

arose. “This developed into actually teaching them how

to play musical instruments so they can worship.”

The first series focused on the guitar, and was presented

by Darya, an Iranian-born worship leader and guitarist.

Over the course of the series, she introduced the guitar

and taught a few easy guitar chords, so the children

could start playing simple worship songs straight away.

The second series is based on the same principle, but

focuses instead on the piano. It is presented by Gilbert

Hovsepian, a well-loved Persian Christian songwriter

and pianist with over 35 albums to his name.

The musical education provided by

Little Musicians

isn’t just limited to a television programme. “We have

introduced online apps that can be accessed via a PC

or tablet,” Nader explains. “These include additional

resources, like chord diagrams, to give kids the tools to

advance their learning.”

Whether the programme is accessed via TV or online,

the hope is that Persian-speaking children will discover

a passion for music that will last their entire lives.

“These little musicians will grow into future worship

leaders and songwriters,” Taghizadeh says. “Igniting the

love of worship is a great investment for the future.”

Sunday 1 September

Praise God for the


Little Musician

and the way it is teaching

children to worship Him.

Monday 2 September

Pray for any children or

teachers you know who are

heading back to school this

week, that they will have a

fruitful year of learning.

Tuesday 3 September

Pray that young viewers of

Little Musician

will be inspired

to take up an instrument,

and that they will discover a

passion for worshipping God

through music.

Wednesday 4 September

Ask that God will provide

more gifted worship leaders

and songwriters for the

Persian Church.

Thursday 5 September

Thank God for SAT-7 PARS

children’s programming. Pray

it will have a great impact

among a young generation of

Iranian believers.

Friday 6 September

Pray for Gilbert Hovsepian,

the show’s presenter, and

thank God that he is using his

musical talents to serve the

Lord in this way.

Sat-Sun 7-8 September

Pray that the “little musicians”

who watch the show will grow

into mature believers, worship

leaders and songwriters.

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