30th June 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer July 1 - 7



Rosaline, a 13-year-old girl from

Sohag, Egypt, was miraculously

healed from incurable kidney

failure after being prayed for.

She and her parents appeared on

SAT-7 KIDS programme

Family of


to tell their story.

Rosaline was in the late stages of kidney failure,

but didn’t yet realise, as her symptoms were initially

misdiagnosed for food poisoning. Eventually, her

doctors discovered the real cause. They told her parents

that Rosaline had acute and permanent kidney failure,

and that she would have to be on dialysis all her life.

In less than a month, Rosaline received dialysis eight

times, each session lasting five hours.

“She’d walk into the hospital but after the dialysis

she’d be so tired we would have to carry her home,”

Rosaline’s father says.

Her case worsened, and the doctors didn’t have hope

for her survival. But Rosaline’s faith remained steadfast.

“My mum cried but I told her not to, because God’s

timing is right,” Rosaline says. “I had faith in the Lord

that He would heal me.”


Family of Jesus

team received a phone call from

Rosaline’s Sunday school teacher, Mariam. She asked

them to pray for Rosaline, and she prayed with them

live on the programme.

Soon afterwards, Rosaline received more prayer, and

things started to change. “I went to church on a Sunday

and the priest prayed for me. Three days later, I went

to the toilet normally for the first time in twenty-three

days,” Rosaline says. In less than a week her kidneys

were performing normally. Her doctors were amazed!

“Everyone who knew was surprised at this miracle and

saw the works of God. They glorified God,” Rosaline says.

“God’s the greatest physician,” says Rosaline’s father. “No

matter what disease or illness, God can heal anything.”


Monday 1 July

Praise God for miraculously

healing Rosaline from her

kidney failure!

Tuesday 2 July

Thank God for the SAT-7

KIDS programme

Family of


, which teaches children

about Jesus through live

prayer, worship, and drama.

Wednesday 3 July

Family of Jesus

receives many

prayer requests for healing.

Pray that many more young

viewers will be miraculously


Thursday 4 July

Pray for anyone you know

who needs to experience

God’s healing touch.

Friday 5 July

Pray that children across

the Middle East will have

access to proper medical

care. Pray for doctors, nurses

and medical staff across the


Saturday 6 July

Pray for parents whose

children are ill. Ask that God

will comfort and strengthen


Sunday 7 July

SAT-7 KIDS’ viewership has

increased by 21% over the

past two years! Thank God

that the channel is making

Jesus known.

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