2nd November 2018

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Nigerian authorities are trying to restore calm in the northern state of Kaduna after fighting between communities. It’s reported 55 people have been killed in the last few weeks in the Kasuwan Magani area.


So far in 2018, hundreds of people have been killed in outbreaks of communal violence across Nigeria. It means security is now a key campaign issue ahead of the February 2019 general election.


The unrest is one of the main causes of a developing humanitarian crisis in Nigeria that has forced many people from their homes.


* Around 1.7 million people live in camps for internally displaced people (IDPs).

* An estimated 7.7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

* In seven years of conflict, more than 20,000 people have been killed in Boko Haram-related incidents.


Building peace

Several Tearfund partners are working to bring peace in Nigeria. These include SUWA, CRCN, ECWA-POD, and CCDP. Their peacebuilding initiatives help Christians, Muslims and traditional worshippers to work together and live peacefully.


With around 190 million people, Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation. It’s split almost equally between Christians and Muslims, with around 250 different ethnic groups living side-by-side, in the most part peacefully.


Paul Mershak, Tearfund’s Country Representative for Nigeria, says: ‘If we are to tackle the violence then peacebuilding focusing on interfaith community dialogue is vital.’


Please continue to pray for this nation and its people.







* Pray for God to comfort those who have lost loved ones and homes in the violence. May there be peace in Nigeria. Without peace it’s harder to tackle the growing humanitarian crisis.

* Ask God to encourage and equip Tearfund’s staff and partners as they provide urgent aid and implement longer-term peace-building work.

* Thank God for those communities who have already learned to put their differences aside and live in peace side-by-side. May their example shine through.



A note from...



'It is a challenging time for us here in Nigeria. The conflict and disunity is resulting in worsening poverty. Our church partners are doing all they can to restore relationships and improve lives, but we really need your prayers.'


Benjamin Chikan

Programmes Team, Nigeria









Prayer Item #1


Praise God for the women in Mozambique who have found freedom through self-help and savings groups. Thank God for the relationships they are forming and the money that they are saving to build sustainable livelihoods. Pray that more groups can be set up to reach even more people.



Prayer Item #2


More than a quarter of a million people are on the move in Afghanistan, desperate to find food and water in a country crippled by severe drought. Pray for all those who are living in makeshift camps: that as winter approaches they will receive the support they need.



Prayer Item #3


Lift up everyone attending The Justice Conference hosted by Tearfund and other partners this weekend. Pray for people there as they explore the theology of justice. Ask God to give them ideas of new ways to bring his transformative kingdom around the world.


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