2nd February 2018

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Knowledge is power in the fight against FGM



Warning: this story contains mentions of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and associated health problems.


‘It [FGM] is a tradition here and we are proud of it,’ says Anita*, a mother of three from Mali. This is a view that’s all too common in the many countries around the world where FGM is still practiced.


However, while people like Anita know that FGM is a tradition, they can lack the knowledge to make an informed decision as to whether it is a healthy tradition.


In reality, not only is FGM a frightening and traumatic experience for many girls and women, it can have many negative consequences on their health: pain when urinating, recurring infection, fistulas (a hole between the vagina and rectum) and life-threatening complications during childbirth to name just a few.


Bringing knowledge

Tearfund partner Association Protestante pour la Santé au Mali (APSM) is working to raise awareness among communities, running workshops to make sure people know the facts about FGM, and inspiring them to join the fight against it. Anita herself attended one of these workshops, and changed her view completely as a result.


‘I never knew the consequences of FGM could be so terrible,’ said Anita after the workshop, tears in her eyes. ‘We were told before that it was good, but never that it was bad. Today, I have left my ignorance behind. I will not subject any more of my daughters to this.’


Bringing healing

For those who have already suffered as a result of FGM, life can be lonely. Their resulting health problems, such as fistulas, can mean they are rejected by their communities. In many places, there is a stigma attached to speaking out against FGM.


To help women affected in this way, our staff are running support groups where survivors can talk openly and build supportive relationships, providing them with long-term fellowship as well as the strength to heal emotionally and speak out.


‘I am so happy for this opportunity to be with everyone,’ says Pauline*, one of the women to benefit from these sessions. ‘We have danced, we have cried, it really feels like everyone here knows me. I already feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.’







* Tuesday 6 February is the International Day for Zero Tolerance for FGM. Pray that this will be a powerful week in the fight against FGM, with new ground gained against this practice.

* Pray for God’s love and protection to surround Anita, Pauline and all those women and girls affected by FGM today.

* Praise God and pray for APSM and the many other Tearfund partners doing all they can to tackle FGM and reach out to those affected. Pray that the global church will be moved to wake up to this issue, and fulfil its potential to help bring about an end to FGM.


*All names have been changed to protect identities.



A note from...



As this story shows, Tearfund's staff and partners are committed to playing our part in preventing and responding to FGM. Thank you for joining us in prayer. Your support makes a huge difference to us.


Sabine Nkusi

Sexual and Gender-based Violence Team









Prayer Item #1


Praise God that Zambia's cholera outbreak is starting to be contained. Since October, 78 people have died, but the government says numbers of infections are now reducing.



Prayer Item #2


Following the ​disputed election and subsequent ​inauguration of president Hernández on 27 January, there have been widespread protests in Honduras. Please pray for the protection of our colleagues and partners there, and pray that the ​political crisis will be resolved peacefully.



Prayer Item #3


Please continue to pray for the Rohingya refugees living in camps in Bangladesh. Pray specifically for protection during the upcoming monsoon season.


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