2nd December 2019

Advent Prayer

(from www.lifeandwork.org)


Advent God,
as winter dusk
pulls the solstice close,
and frost lays down
its silver hush,
the deep blue of the season
chills the senses,
and folds itself into the silence
where words
leave hardly an echo…

in the cold
may we hold our breath -
(the weight of a winter’s night)
heavy with waiting,
and wonder:
something extraordinary is about to happen…

it is as if there is a gap in our memory
where a distant phrase once sat,
an ancient word
that has lived there for long lengths of time,
has now shifted
just out of sight,
but the pattern of it
agitates the air
as if drawing breath,
soon to be spoken,
and we live in the sensation
of something extraordinary is about to happen…

and the solstice midnight
harbours such promise,
filled with silent echoes
of words not yet spoken,
sounds not yet made,
fingers not yet curling,
eyes not yet seeing,
love not yet broken,
and in this season
may we live with the sensation
something extraordinary,
is about to happen.

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