29th October 2018

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer October 26 - November 3




Disillusioned with

religion, Hamid*

sought escape

from his painful

circumstances in

drugs and alcohol. His

life was miraculously

turned around when

he watched SAT-7 PARS programme


of Faith

and heard about a God who loves him.

“I was afraid of God and thought that I would end

up deep in hell,” Hamid reflects, remembering his

childhood in Iran. Surrounded by religion from

birth, Hamid began to doubt from a young age, but

continued to follow religious rituals due to family and

societal pressures.

However, when Hamid was just 18 years old he suffered

abuse at the hands of his employers, who were also

religious leaders. “At this point I turned away from

God and believed that all religions were lies,” Hamid said.

“How could such people who promoted their religion

do such a thing?” Hamid became desperate for an escape,

and turned to drugs and alcohol to forget his pain.

One day, Hamid came across SAT-7 PARS and started to

hear about a God of love for the first time. The presenter

of the live show

Principles of Faith

, Pastor Miltan, had a

testimony Hamid could relate to – Miltan was addicted

to drugs for decades before finding freedom in Jesus.

Hamid dared to have hope that this God could be real.

“Pastor Miltan said to pray with him during the

programme and Jesus Christ would help me,” Hamid

recalls. “I knelt and prayed. Something beautiful

happened. Since then, I stopped using alcohol and

drugs after an 18-year addiction!”

Hamid’s whole outlook on life has dramatically

changed after finding freedom in Christ. “I know God

has a plan for me,” he shares confidently. “I read the

Bible daily and watch SAT-7 programmes to learn

more about faith. I, Hamid, proudly and without any

fear announce that I am a believer!”

*Name changed and image used for representation only



Friday 26 October

Praise God for releasing

Hamid from addiction and

transforming his life!

Sat-Sun 27-28 October

Many Iranians are becoming

disillusioned with the religion

they were born into. Pray that

they will seek answers and

find them in Christ.

Monday 29 October

Thank God for the SAT-7


Principles of Faith


which helps Iranian viewers

learn the fundamentals of


Tuesday 30 October

Pray for SAT-7 presenter

Pastor Miltan, and thank God

for his testimony.

Wednesday 31 October

Pray that Hamid will have the

courage to share his amazing

story with his friends and


Thursday 1 November

“If the Son sets you free,

you will be free indeed”

(John 8:36). Thank God for

the freedom that is found in


Friday 2 November

Drug addiction in Iran has

more than doubled in the last

six years. Pray that those who

are struggling with addiction

would realise there is a God

of hope who can help them.

Saturday 3 November

Pray that even more Iranians

will find SAT-7 PARS and

discover God’s love, grace

and freedom.

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