29th July 2017

Scripture Union Scotland: News From Ukraine


Greetings this morning from Ukraine ..


Please give thanks for a very good first week in Ukraine where good relationships have formed amongst the teams. Despite there being a few nervous moments for the Scottish team they have had an excellent week and all have been thoroughly involved in the programme. In the next hour or so everyone leaves to travel to village locations to run a holiday club for the next week. The weather is very very wet (highly unusual) and it has been raining since Thursday! Whilst it makes us feel quite at home it is making everything very soggy and damp and much of the equipment to be transported could do without getting wet. Last night our programme finished with a worship night led by the young people. One of the Ukrainian staff had experienced a worship time in a Scottish church last December and was very keen to see something similar in Ukraine. It was superb and hugely appreciated by all.......a great finish and yet great preparation for the next week of service.


Please pray for the team that they are able to relax as they find themselves in yet another different situation in the village

That they will work really well with their Ukrainian, Russian and Belarussian team mates

That they would know the Lord enabling them and that they would learn lots about relying on the Lord and pressing into him when there is fear or uncertainty.

Pray for great fellowship


Everyone knows that I am emailing and they are so encouraged to know how many folks are involved in prayer.

I will be travelling to a different village each day to visit the teams with oksana and sometimes with Gregori Stupak ....it means very long and tiring days so please pray for sufficient energy and for me to be a real encouragement.


Thanks for all your prayers


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