27th October 2019

Christian Aid Weekly Topic


Week beginning 27 October

Be glad and rejoice

Read Joel 2:23-32

The Rugby World Cup final is at the

end of this week.

Give thanks for our Rugby World Cup

report. Pray that it will raise greater

awareness of the injustice of climate

change, that is, poorer communities

that have contributed least to the

problem are the ones suffering the

most severe consequences.

Pray for the island communities of

Tonga, Fiji and Samoa participating in

the Rugby World Cup. Pray for their

protection from their island homes

from becoming uninhabitable should

sea levels rise and extreme weather

events get even worse.

Pray that those developed nations

who are most responsible for the

climate emergency would respond

to this injustice with urgency and


Merciful God,

restore creation,

restore justice,

restore hope,

for those nations

most affected

yet least responsible

for climate change.


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