27th October 2018

Lifewords Prayer October 28 - November 3


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5, NIV


These words are from John’s Gospel, the very Gospel that Scripture Gift Mission printed over 100 years ago to give to servicemen and women in World War 1. A time of great loss, despair and darkness. What an encouragement it must have been to read these words, many maybe not understanding their true significance, but perhaps being encouraged and uplifted by the simple poetry and truth.


This month as we remember the end of this conflict we are prompted to consider how the darkness continues to push and prod, to worm its way in, to whisper despair and to shout untruths. In so many places it lingers on the edges, waiting for its opportunity. In others it stands front and centre revelling in its victory. Through conflict, poverty, injustice, lies, exploitation, discrimination shadows are cast, darkness falls. But … but, there is also light. Men and women all over the world are standing together to fight for unity, justice, fairness, equality, and when they do this truth and hope shine brightly and the darkness fades.


Today as we reach nearly 1 million copies of the replica Active Service St John’s Gospel we remember the light of Jesus and the truth in the words that remind us no matter how dark the situation there is a light that is more powerful, more penetrating, a light that is all encompassing. The light that never goes out and that the darkness can never overcome.




28 October 3 November


From 1618 October Lifewords exhibited at the Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE) in Sandown Park, Surrey. Here’s what happened:


* Hundreds of visitors and exhibitors filled the racecourse venue discussing ways to share good news, and discovering new resources that can be used in various environments. Give thanks for the opportunity Lifewords had to engage in inspiring conversations with so many people, find out about the work of different organisations, give away 700 tote bags and share almost 1,000 Bible resources.


* Many people were encouraged by OUTSIDE/IN’s accessibility with the BSL animation, braille and large-print resources, and NIrV Bible translation text. "I work with young people and adults who have special educational needs (SEN)," said Mark from Portsmouth. "So seeing all of this is very, very exciting, because it’s so hard to find. I can’t wait to use them." Please pray for those people who will be able to engage with the Bible’s life words through OUTSIDE/IN. And give thanks for the collaborative work with Torch Trust, Livability, and Biblica who partnered with us on this project.


* "I lived in Egypt for 15 years helping share God’s love," said Rob from UK charity Operation Mobilisation (OM), "and regularly used your Arabic language Bible literature in different communities. I always recommended Lifewords to people and it’s amazing to see what you’re now doing to ensure as many people as possible can experience good news in their lives. Your resources always have me coming back for more." Give thanks for people and organisations like this taking hope and healing to people worldwide. Please pray that those who encounter Jesus will get to know more of his goodness, love and guidance.


Order your copies of OUTSIDE/IN here <https://global.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4bb2690302f87e09194c69f96&id=7a56ba43a9&e=1222455c69> and welcome everyone into God’s story of togetherness.

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