27th January 2018

Lifewords Prayer January 28 - February 3


One Friday

When we partnered with ONE FRIDAY, our vision was to enable groups, churches and individuals to publicly share and re-tell the events leading up to Jesus’ death in a unique and engaging way. Now that we're thinking about Easter, here’s some feedback from a few people that used the booklet last year.


* "One Friday is a lovely book. We ordered several to be part of the Easter display table in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets town hall foyer. We are a strong Christian prayer group in the town hall and other buildings. For four days the books were on display. The images are beautiful and the Scriptures poignant." Give thanks for groups like this who take up opportunities to reach people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the invitation to experience good news.


* "We shared 1,000 copies of One Friday with students at Rhyl College and Rhos-On-Sea campus. The booklets and artwork attracted a lot of attention. Many students came to ask what it was all about which gave me the opportunity to explain the Easter Story. Some were even keen to give me their interpretation of the pictures, which encouraged further conversation." Please pray for each student that received a copy of One Friday, and give thanks for schools, colleges and universities that will be sharing the Easter story with their students this year.


* "I thought the booklet was beautifully presented. Jenny Hawkes’ pictures were lovely and moving. The images captured the themes in a way that drew you in rather than left you cold or distressed. Wonderful. I am so pleased I was able to get and use these booklets. They have been fantastic." Give thanks for the ONE FRIDAY team and partners, including Lifewords, who worked together to produce the booklet. Pray that many will also be drawn to the resource this Easter, and discover or rediscover their purpose in Christ.


To order copies of One Friday and to view our range of Easter resources, please visit our website <https://global.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4bb2690302f87e09194c69f96&id=e00a30cd08&e=1222455c69> .

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