27th January 2017

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When love survives



The delight at the arrival of a healthy baby boy was suddenly overwhelmed by the dark shadow of Boko Haram. The insurgents swept through the village razing every home to the ground. The only room left standing in their wake was the one where the child and his mother lay.


John Joseph and his family had fled to this village three months earlier following devastating insurgent attacks on their home in northern Nigeria. Now they were fleeing again walking for three weeks with a new baby before eventually getting a lift to Yola where they entered a camp set up for those who could not return to their own homes.


John was a farmer and had always provided for his family’s needs. He struggled with the idle existence in the camp. A search for farmland took him to the nearby town of Gombi where he was able to lease a small piece of land.


However, despite his desire to work hard and get his life back on track, John struggled to access any support. ‘We had no one to run to and things were hard,’ he shared. ‘No food in the house, my child was down ill, our little farm needed weed killer.’


Tearfund’s partner Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN) was registering households of internally displaced people like John, living in very precarious circumstances in Gombi, without any external assistance. John was identified as a beneficiary and received assistance in the form of cash and training.


‘The money came right on time,’ declares John. ‘I used it to buy food, which we are still using today. I took my child to the hospital, bought weed killer and am now harvesting my farm.’


The financial support they received was a timely miracle and a key step on the road to a better future. The child born in the midst of the Boko Haram attack is now two and a constant reminder, not of the tragedy, but of the miracle of survival. They called him Love their miracle child.







* Give thanks that John and his family have received the support they needed. Pray for the 1.8 million people displaced in the North-East of Nigeria, that they will also experience miracles that will give them hope for the future.


* Pray for wisdom for Tearfund’s partner, CRUDAN, as they continue to advocate for the plight of those in Gombi as yet unable to return to their homes.


* Ask God for protection for the families who have been able to return to their villages and that they will be able to re-establish healthy and hope-filled communities.



A note from...



‘A new-found hope is experienced in a situation ravaged by the unfortunate Boko Haram activities. It seemed impossible but through Christ's loving character, a divine love that brings overwhelming joy and lasting hope was made evident. Glory be to God most high.’


Charity Bonah

CRUDAN's Assistant FSL Manager







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Prayer Item #1


Pray for the Latin American nation of Bolivia who are facing the worst drought in 25 years. As the country is in a state of emergency, we pray for rain fall in the highlands, and for emergency water supplies to reach those most in need.

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Prayer Item #2


Please lift up Burundi in prayer. With a hidden political crisis that is causing great suffering for the population of the country which is one of the poorest in the world pray for our partners who are struggling to work in such a difficult environment.

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Prayer Item #3


Pray for those in Myanmar who have been displaced by conflict. Despite a lack of access and presence of partners in Northern Rakkhine State, our church partners have still been able to respond in other places. Lift up Tearfund's peace-building work in local communities, and pray for peace to come to this nation.



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Yamite is 25 years old and a mother of four. Like any mother will tell you, life with small children is loud, busy and messy...

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How does a nation like Burundi rebuild itself after a bitter and bloody civil war which left 300,000 people dead?

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