26th January 2018

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Syria: Home is where the war is



As winter sets in, concern grows for the people of Syria and those who’ve fled to neighbouring countries. Tearfund is working with these refugees and we plan to continue and expand our work.


Our News Editor, Andrew Horton, spoke to Kieren Barnes, Middle East Response Director, to find out more:


How has Tearfund been responding to the crisis?

Our main focus has been on the large number of refugees who‘ve fled the conflict. For five years now we’ve been providing food and basic needs to desperate people who have left almost everything behind.


In the cold winter months we have provided blankets and kits to help the families cope with the cold, as they live in tarpaulin shelters. Our partners have also helped provide trauma care.


Where have the Syrian people fled to, and how have those countries coped?

Lebanon and Jordan have both taken in huge numbers of refugees from Syria. Tearfund has been standing with them to help them cope with the influx over the last few years.


Some of the bigger challenges have been centred around education. In Lebanon there are over half a million refugee children. The pressures on the school system are immense and unfortunately many children will go without formal education for a number of years. In recent years Tearfund has been working on some protection projects in the schools to support children who have experienced trauma or who might still be at risk in vulnerable homes.


We are also working with a peacebuilding partner that focuses on school children, particularly teenagers. When you have a large number of refugees and limited resources tensions can rise. We are working with teenagers to build peace for the next generation, helping them cope with frustrations, hatred and anger; helping them to appreciate their differences and appreciate one another.


How important is it to keep this public attention on Syria and its people?

Having the public aware of what’s happening in Syria and the other crises in the Middle East is vital. The more we share and the more we understand the better we can speak out to those in power who can have a positive impact on the ground.


I would encourage Tearfund supporters to spend more time learning and understanding what is happening across the Middle East, so they can direct their support in the most effective way.


Does Tearfund have plans to expand its work with Syrian refugees?

Our team in the Middle East is transitioning in the year ahead, looking to expand our work in protection needs and particularly to focus on trauma care and prevention of sexual and gender-based violence.


We will continue to provide for emergency basic needs but we now also want to look more deeply into some of the long-term solutions and prevention of future problems.


What’s your key message to Tearfund supporters today?

I think the key message is don’t give up on Syria and the Middle East.


It is when a crisis drags on that we need to be the most steely and determined to bring hope to the hopeless, to bring life and healing to those who are still so desperate.


The stories will keep coming from this region, stories of struggles and challenges, stories that will break your heart, but we cannot give up, we must be determined to keep going and walking with these men, women and children who are in such need. This is the time when it counts more than ever.


Please keep Syria and the Middle East in your thoughts, please keep reading up and learning more about the context and do find ways to speak up on behalf of those whose voices are struggling to be heard.




A note from...



It is so heart-breaking to hear stories of Syrians displaced by conflict. But the impact Tearfund’s staff and partners are having is such an encouragement, and is made possible by your incredible support. Please continue to stand with us and pray for those in Syria and across the Middle East living in such desperate times.


Lizzie Overton

Supporter Care









     Prayer Item #1


     Please pray for Afghanistan in the wake of the recent attacks on the Intercontinental Hotel and Save the Children offices. Pray for those who lost loved ones and for those overcoming the trauma of the attacks.



     Prayer Item #2


     The Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo has experienced renewed conflict since 2016 and over 3 million people now face hunger. Please pray for the resources for agencies to meet this great need and for peace across the region.



     Prayer Item #3


     Praise God for the incredible response to our Aid Match Appeal. The funds raised, together with the UK Aid, will change the lives of people in the Central African Republic and around the world who have suffered so much due to conflict and poverty.


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