24th August 2018

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When Guilain was 14 years old, his life was shattered. ‘The militia came to my village,’ he says. ‘I tried to run. They were shooting people dead. I tripped over a landmine.’


Ituri province in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has experienced conflict for decades. Violence flared up in 1999 that’s when Guilain’s life changed forever.


A life torn apart

‘My legs were shattered in the explosion,’ he says. ‘The doctors later amputated what was left.’ Now aged 23, Guilain moves himself along the ground using his arms and hands.


Even before the attack, Guilain’s life had been tough. His father died of malaria and he was forced to leave school aged 13 because his family didn’t have enough money, so he set to work as a farm labourer. Guilain was digging in the fields when the militia came.


It’s hard enough to find work in the remote part of the DRC where Guilain lives. Violence means there’s little employment and people live in fear of further attacks. His injuries mean that Guilain is not able to dig and farm the only skills he had.


Profitable partnership

Guilain was thrown a lifeline by Tearfund’s partner, Action Entraide. The team had started a skills training centre in the village, to empower people with the skills needed to build better lives.


Dieuvain, one of the teachers at the centre, is also unable to use his legs after contracting polio as a child. He took Guilain under his wing and taught him to weld and repair metal. This is a good livelihood in rural DRC, where most people travel by bicycle or motorbike, and the rough terrain often damages vehicles. Farming tools also need regular repairs.


Now, Dieuvain and Guilain have a thriving business together. ‘I used to just be idle in the village,’ says Guilain. ‘When I came to the skills centre I soon got a job. Working with my hands makes me very happy.’


Life is tough for everyone in the DRC, but it can be near impossible for people living with a disability. Guilain has been able to rise above his circumstances, and see that he can do great things.







* Thank God that Guilain was able to get the help he needed, and pray that his new business will continue to thrive. Pray for all disabled people in the DRC, that through organisations such as Action Entraide they will be able to thrive.

* Please pray that the current Ebola outbreak, located mainly in North Kivu Province, will be contained. Please pray for those who have already lost loved ones, and pray for healing for those who have contracted the disease.

* Pray for an end to the violence in the DRC, which continues to take lives and keep people in poverty.



A note from...



'When I met Guilain he had just got married and was looking forward to building a home, delighted that he was able to provide for his wife and future family. This training completely turned things around for him. Thank you for praying with us so that others can also receive a lifeline.'


Cheryl Bannatyne

Communications Team









Prayer Item #1


Lift up the growing number of Venezuelan refugees stranded in Colombia due to new policies preventing them from entering Peru and Ecuador. Pray also for host communities in Colombia, and for good relationships between refugees and local people. Pray especially for children, who are always most vulnerable in situations like this, and for an end to the instability forcing Venezuelans from their homes.



Prayer Item #2


More than 1 million people have been displaced following recent conflict in the Somali and Oromia regions of Ethiopia. Many are living in temporary shelters, including churches. Please pray for those affected, and for Tearfund's staff and partners working in Ethiopia.



Prayer Item #3


Please pray for all those affected by severe flooding in Kerala, India, especially for those who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods. Pray for the authorities as they respond.


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