23rd March 2018

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World Water Day health and joy for Rose



Not long ago, Rose*, from the Central African Republic (CAR), was walking 3km from her village to a river in the forest to collect water. She would spend a couple of hours at the river washing clothes and dishes, and then have to carry everything back, including the water needed at home.


For all her efforts, the river water wasn’t safe to drink. Rose has seven children, and, even though she did her best to boil the water before giving it to them, they regularly suffered with diarrhoea and stomach aches.


In the meantime, the village pump stood idle broken and unable to deliver the water that the community needed so much. This was until Tearfund’s staff started working with Rose’s village.


Water for life

Access to clean water and adequate sanitation, as well as knowledge of healthy hygiene practices, is a vital part of releasing people from poverty. And so our staff helped repair of the pump, put a solid enclosure around it to keep the area clean, and chlorinated the water to improve its quality.


Frank Greaves leads Tearfund’s work in water and sanitation, and explains the impact of this work: ‘It is unbelievable how many aspects of life are affected by access to water, sanitation and hygiene our health and daily sustenance, but also our very productivity, dignified living, education, food security, livelihoods…. The list goes on.’


The big picture

The reasons for and implications of inadequate water supplies are many and complex. For example, in CAR, conflict has played a huge role in setting back development as well as putting a strain on infrastructure and natural resources.


Tearfund has been working in the south-western region of CAR to ensure that people who are displaced by conflict, as well as the communities hosting them, have sufficient supplies of safe water.


‘In our programmes, we also focus on issues that intersect with water, such as the environment, gender and vulnerability issues, behavioural change, and conflict,’ says Frank. Water is vital to life, and safe water vital to quality of life.


‘We are full of joy,’ says Rose. ‘We don’t need to go to the forest anymore [to collect water]. My children are healthy; my family is healthy... because what we are drinking now is good water.’




Please pray



* In this, the week of World Water Day (22 March), lift up the 2.1 billion people around the world who lack safe drinking water, affecting their health, education and livelihoods.

* Praise God that Rose and many others in CAR and around the world have seen their lives changed dramatically by the provision of safe water sources.

* Pray for Tearfund’s staff and partners working each day to enable families and whole communities to access the safe water they need to live healthy and fulfilled lives.


*Name changed to protect identity



A note from...



'When I met Rose last August, she was keen to show me the work that had been done on the well in her village. It was great to see it in action and hear how it's helping to protect them from diseases. It brought it home to me how something so simple clean water is so essential to life.'


Andrew Horton

Global Fundraising Team









Prayer Item #1


A World Bank report has warned that 140 million people in Africa, Latin America and South Asia could be forced to leave their homes by 2050 due to climate change. This is unless urgent action is taken to curb global warming and help people adapt. Pray that governments around the world will prioritise this issue.



Prayer Item #2


Please pray for an end to the ongoing violence in the Ituri province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many thousands of people have been displaced as they flee horrific massacres, in which scores of women and children have been murdered. Tearfund and our partners are responding with emergency supplies.



Prayer Item #3


The President of Myanmar, Htin Kyaw, resigned this week. Please pray for peace and stability in Myanmar, and pray for wisdom for state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi as she selects a replacement.


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