23rd July 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer July 24 - 31




Taraneh* is a young Afghan

girl who lives in Tajikistan

and regularly calls in to SAT-7

PARS’ live children’s shows.

Taraneh’s inspiring enthusiasm

and faith, despite her family’s

difficult circumstances, shine

through in her messages to the


“We have to live out of town because we don’t have

much money,” writes Taraneh on the messaging app she

uses to communicate with the SAT-7 PARS team. “Our

house has nothing, we don’t even have a house number.”

The team had asked Taraneh for her address to send

her a small gift. She then explained that her family does

not own a television: “We have to travel three hours to

go to my uncle’s house to watch this programme. I go

to play with my cousin because I like it, and I go there

to watch your programme too.”

Taraneh and her family are from Afghanistan, but

because of the many difficulties they faced in their

home country they had to flee to Tajikistan. As a

foreigner, her father is not permitted to work and this is

a cause of financial hardship for the family.

However, these circumstances have not dampened

Taraneh’s enthusiasm. She regularly calls into the SAT-7

PARS live children’s show


(“Golden Advice”) to

participate in the games, or share a prayer or song.

During one episode exploring what it means to be

thankful, she called to say: “I give thanks for having a

mum and dad, a family who are Christians, and that

I have been freed from sin.” She went on to sing a

worship song.

“I send kisses to all you believers,” writes Taraneh.

Wednesday 24 July

Praise God for Taraneh’s faith

and enthusiasm for SAT-7,

even in difficult circumstances.

Thursday 25 July

Pray that Taraneh will continue

to grow in her faith and

become a mature Christian


Friday 26 July

Pray for safety for Afghan

believers – both those in

Afghanistan and those who

have had to leave.

Sat-Sun 27-28 July

The number of Afghans

contacting SAT-7 PARS has

doubled since 2017. Thank

God for SAT-7’s growing

Afghan audience.

Monday 29 July

Pray for the producers and

presenters of SAT-7 PARS

children’s show


Tuesday 30 July

Pray for displaced children

around the world, like

Taraneh, that they will

discover their joy and security

in God.

Wednesday 31 July

Thank God for SAT-7’s 25

million viewers, and thank Him

for the way He is changing

lives through our channels!

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