21st July 2017

Scripture Union Scotland: Summer Week 4


Prayer Points for SU Events

Summer Wk 4 – 22 to 29 July


Events running this week:

10-31 July            Respond Rwanda trip in partnership with Urban Saints, team led by Helen Moss

21 July – 6 Aug   International Leadership Camp in Ukraine, with team led by Jackie Ringan

22-28 July            Scoughall Holiday (S4) for P5-7 led by Russell & Fiona Shields

22-29 July            Watersports Holiday at Glencoe (GC4a) for S1-6 led by David Meikle

22-29 July            Mountain Biking Holiday at Glencoe (GC4b) for S1-6 led by David Meikle

22-29 July            Lendrick Muir Drama Holiday (LM4a) for S2-6 led by Fiona Stewart & David Munn

22-29 July            Lendrick Muir Holiday (LM4b) for P5-7 led by Elaine Watt & Geoff Todd

22-29 July            Lendrick Muir Holiday (LM4c) for S1-3 led by Colin Carmichael

22-29 July            Glenshee Holiday (GS4) for S2-6 led by Rosie & Paul Bowker

23-29 July            Alltnacriche Holiday (AV4) linked with Whiteinch Church led by Ali & Jocelyn Robertson

22-29 July            Kingscross Holiday (KX4) for P6-S6 led by Kenny & Janet MacMillan

16-30 July            Whiting Bay Mission led by Gavin and Joanna Thomson

24-28 July            Portobello, Edinburgh, Mission led by Michelle Brown


Please pray: 

  • Many young people come to our events needing a bit of extra support to ensure they have a brilliant experience.  Pray for the youngest children who are possibly away from home for the first time, pray that leaders will be sensitive in helping them cope with any homesickness.  Give thanks that many of our volunteers bring professional experience from their daily work which is helpful in getting alongside young people with additional support needs.  Pray for wisdom for team leaders as they put together dorm lists and groups, pray that each child will be well cared for.  Pray for cooks as they cater for a variety of special dietary requirements, and seek to make sure everyone is well fed. Pray for those leading activities to be sensitive to the wide range of physical abilities and to encourage and challenge young people appropriately.  Pray that young people who are struggling and facing challenging circumstances will feel loved and cared for and supported. Pray for leaders to respond with wisdom and sensitivity when young people share their struggles.
  • Give thanks for senior campers who have been at events over a number of years.  Pray for good opportunities to encourage Christian young people in their discipleship and to help them think through how their faith applies to all aspects of life.  Pray for young people who need faith to become personal, who need encouragement to persevere in faith or challenge to make a decision on all they have heard over the years.  Pray for those who will be helping as junior leaders at some of our Missions, that the experience of being part of the team would strengthen and encourage and challenge their faith.
  • Pray for Jackie Ringan as she leads a group of young people heading to the International Leadership Training event in Ukraine.  The young people will join with folk from other SU movements for a week of training, discipleship and team building, before heading out across Ukraine to be involved in Holidays Clubs and other projects.  Pray for the young people, including our current Gap Year, as they learn and work together with folk from different cultures.  Pray for renewed energy and encouragement for Jackie as she supports the young people.
    • Pray particularly for all the logistics of the handover Saturdays, when there are many events finishing and others beginning.  Pray for staff at the centres as they work hard to turn things around between one event finishing at 10am and another team wanting access to get set up for young people arriving late afternoon.  Give thanks for those who volunteer to drive minibuses, act as travel leaders or supervise arrivals and departures at the bus station.  Pray for travel arrangements to run smoothly and for wisdom for those who will be in the Milton Street office or holding the duty phone and will have to respond to any issues that arise.  Continue to pray for safety in all aspects of events.

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