20th July 2019

Lifewords Prayer July 21 - 27


Daily Strength for young offenders

Anna Hunt from Harrogate regularly visits HMYOI Wetherby, a young offenders institute, to help run a small group Bible study. Anna ordered copies of Daily Strength to share with the young men.


* All over the UK, volunteers and chaplains go in to prisons to offer support, a listening ear, and to share good news. Give thanks for these dedicated people, including Anna and the chaplain she works alongside, for their commitment to those who are in need of God’s love, hope and forgiveness.


* At HMYOI Wetherby the boys come to the sessions as part of their "association time" where they are allowed out of their cell to take part in activities and socialise. "By coming to the Bible study, they are sacrificing time with the other boys," says Anna, "they want to be there, they enjoy it and they appreciate the sessions." The group times look at the basics of faith often using a story or parable from the Bible for example, how Jesus died for us and offers us forgiveness. Then the men are encouraged to talk about how it makes them feel. "Some of the men we see have never even heard of Jesus," says Anna. "We are starting at grassroots level." Praise God for these opportunities to share good news with vulnerable young people, where an introduction to God’s love and forgiveness could be the start of a new life.


* Anna gives Daily Strength to the boys at the end of the sessions. "Sometimes when they’re in their cell, that’s when they think about what they’ve done," she says. "I tell them that if they feel hopeless, they can simply open this book, and try and believe with all their heart that God is there for them." Pray that through the sessions, the relationships that are formed, and through God’s Word these young men will find hope, forgiveness, and a new perspective on the world and themselves.


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