20th April 2018

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Hunger stole... you gave



Last year, in our Hunger Steals campaign, we shared the stories of two amazing women from Malawi. Polly and Sylvia live just 70km from each other, but their lives were very different.


Sylvia endured a daily struggle to provide for her four children and elderly mother her husband abandoned the family. ‘All my life I have struggled to feed my children,’ said Sylvia. ‘I am desperate for change.’


In contrast, Polly farming the same soil in the same weather conditions was harvesting enough to feed her husband, three children and disabled grandmother, with two bags left over to sell.


The difference was the training and support she received from Tearfund partner Assemblies of God Care (AG Care). They offered Polly and her community expert advice about how to farm abundantly even in drought conditions an innovative technique known as Foundations for Farming.


Thanks to Tearfund supporters like you, AG Care set to work in Sylvia’s community last year. She joined the church-based self-help group and started using the new farming techniques. Her first harvest with Foundations for Farming provided enough food to feed her whole family for a year.


Sylvia’s abundance

Despite drought conditions last year, Sylvia has cultivated 1.5 acres of maize and another acre of groundnuts. She is expecting to harvest three times more than she did the previous year. Alongside this, she has branched out into poultry farming, with 15 chickens.


‘I would like to thank AG Care for teaching me new farming skills and knowledge,’ says Sylvia. ‘My life has changed so much. Thanks to using organic fertiliser, I have enough maize to feed my family. This year I plan to sell my harvest of groundnuts and build a better house just like Polly.’


Thanks to the many good harvests she has enjoyed over the last three years, along with income from her pig-rearing business, Polly has now built two brick houses. One she lives in with her family, the other she is using as a nursery school for local children. Polly’s kindergarten welcomes 12 pupils, and is a vital service for local children, many of whom cannot read or write.



This year Malawi is expected to have a reasonable harvest, but the impacts of prolonged dry spells and pest infestations are likely to lead to a lower than average yield. So, please keep praying for timely rain so that families like Polly’s and Sylvia’s produce enough food to last the year.


Your prayerful support has enabled thousands of families like Sylvia’s to secure a hunger-free future. All around the world, local churches are leading their communities out of lives devastated by hunger and into lives filled with dignity, opportunity and strength. Thank you for joining us.







* Thank God that thousands of people like Polly and Sylvia have been freed from hunger. Pray that they will continue to flourish.

* Please pray for an end to the droughts that have been affecting Malawi. Pray for the right amount of rain at the right time so that families can enjoy an abundant harvest.

* One in seven people around the world still go to bed hungry every night. Ask God to continue raising up local churches who are empowered and equipped to lead their communities out of hunger.



A note from...



'It's so encouraging to see the amazing progress that Sylvia has made. Prayer is powerful, and we know that with your continued support we can help free many more lives from hunger.'


Kristie Winsen

Brand and Communications Team









Prayer Item #1


Violence in Colombia has caused at least 1,000 families to flee their homes. Disputes between crime gangs and rebel groups have erupted over drugs trafficking and territorial control along the border with Venezuela. Please pray that the violence will cease, and that the vulnerable will be kept safe.



Prayer Item #2


With summer approaching, we're now in the season of Christian festivals such as Big Church Day Out and New Wine. Tearfund will be at these events, calling on festival-goers to join us in prayer for an end to poverty. Pray that people will be moved to pray for those most in need around the world.


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