1st September 2019

Christian Aid Weekly Topic


Week beginning 1 September

Season for change

Read Hebrews 13:1-8,15-16

On this World Day of Prayer for the

Care of Creation (1 September) take

time to connect with and pray for the

protection and flourishing of creation.

Give thanks for the mutual love

between Kasthuri and Selvi (pictured)

in India. Selvi opened her home to

Kasthuri and her son (pictured on the

front cover) who are from the Dalit

caste. Kasthuri describes how radical

this was:

‘Normally, someone from her

community wouldn’t even hand

a cup of water to a Dalit person.

Sharing a home

with them would be


Praise God for this example set

by Selvi, who is challenging the

exclusion and injustice in society.

Give thanks that Selvi has also

contributed land so Kasthuri and four

other women can run the EcoVeg

project supported by our partner


Pray that Selvi’s example will bring

a season of change to communities

in India and her generosity would

inspire generosity from us all through

the Harvest Appeal this year.

Harvest prayer

Where human beings are being


marginalised or oppressed,

where exclusion stifles their


God, stretch our spirits to embrace

your justice-based bias for the poor.

Christ, stretch our spirits to take our

place in your body.

Spirit, stretch our will to grasp

your vision.

A season for change is now.


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