1st September 2017

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Baking a difference



This week we are launching Tearfund’s Big Bake a powerful way of engaging with the issues around global poverty and to raise money that will be used to fund life-transforming projects.


Flour power

Sahira* was born in the Central Asian States where life is tough. HIV, drug abuse, unemployment, family breakdown, crime and violence are all on the rise. Poverty is widespread and Sahira’s parents were unable to care for her, leaving her vulnerable and alone.


An orphanage provided a safe place for Sahira but Lev and Zarina, who run the orphanage, knew that she, and the other girls they were looking after, needed more than just a home.


When the time came for girls to leave the orphanage they were unable to find work and 90 per cent of them were falling victim to trafficking and other crime. The girls needed a safer future and that meant skills and the possibility of work.


With training and support from one of Tearfund’s partners, Lev and Zarina started a baking course for the girls. Lev was then given a cash grant that he used to buy ovens and other baking equipment.


This is making a huge difference, giving Sahira and others the skills and confidence to build safe lives free from the exploitation that was inevitable without this opportunity.


Meanwhile in Twickenham

It was a damp day in October and the rugby was on. Hoods up and shoulders hunkered, the rugby fans streamed into the ground at Twickenham. But as they passed one particular garden, their day was brightened by the sight of bunting, balloons and an abundance of cake.


Tearfund supporter Debs is one of a whisk-beating, sprinkle-shaking army using their baking skills to end poverty across the world through Tearfund’s Big Bake. She knows the power of a good cake. And it’s not just good for rugby fans it’s good for a young girl like Sahira as well.


Realising she’d get a good flow of people going past her home on match day Debs set up a stall in her front garden. She wasn’t afraid to be as visible and vocal as possible. With great gusto she proclaimed to the passing throngs: ‘Get your cupcakes here! Three for the price of two! Roll up roll up!’


The cake sale went well. Debs and her family raised a fantastic £200! That could train and equip another person like Lev to provide a safe future for many more young people like Sahira.


It’s a piece of cake

Debs has this advice for anyone who wants to do what she did: ‘Engage young people from your church to make your cake sale mobile go and get the passing traffic use big trays! Above all, enjoy the experience and smile lots it's great fun!’


Cake is good, let’s face it. It brings people together, it’s fun to make, it tastes awesome. And you don’t even have to bake you can buy! We have amazing bakers (and buyers) holding cake sales whenever, wherever and however they choose and each one bakes a big difference.


You can join the Big Bake or find out more at www.tearfund.org/bigbake <http://tearfund.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=cd19eb0b2a74af14054950f15&id=3882dc60a7&e=b67d6b82a4>






* Praise God for the incredible army of fundraisers across the UK who are using their talents and the unique opportunities they have to raise funds that will transform lives around the world.

* Please pray for those who are taking part in Tearfund’s Big Bake, that they would have successful cake sales.

* Pray that through the Big Bake and other fundraising initiatives many more people would hear about and engage with the needs of the poor.



A note from...



'I love it when fundraisers like Debs use their skills and talents to help Tearfund bring about lasting change. I’m so inspired by their unique ideas, their selflessness, and their passion. We hugely value how they work tirelessly to make a real difference and help end poverty.'


Jess Balding

Community Fundraising Team









Prayer Item #1


A significant increase in the number of incidents involving humanitarian staff compared to 2016, has been reported in Afghanistan. This further limits humanitarian access across the country. Please pray for Tearfund's partners working under these extremely difficult circumstances.



Prayer Item #2


Praise God that the number of new cases of cholera per day is in decline in Yemen. However, the total number of cases is likely to exceed 600,000 by the end of the year. Please pray for Tearfund's partners as they face huge challenges. Pray that they can reach the most vulnerable populations.



Prayer Item #3


In Bolivia almost 25,000 fires have destroyed about 1.5 million hectares of land and more than 60 homes. Pray for people in Tarija city and surrounding areas who are badly affected, and for the churches that are responding to the emergency. Pray for God's protection and guidance for the people involved.


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