1st March 2018

Compass Christian Centre March Prayer Points


In my Charles Spurgeon daily devotional book, I have a bookmark which says the following, ‘Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen today that You and I together can’t handle.’ How true that is, and many times I have had to remind myself of that fact. But over the years I have also learned that in many situations it is far better for me to take my hands off and just let God get on with it! It’s rather amusing when I look back and have thought, ‘God, I’ll give You a helping hand with that,’ yeah, like He needs it! What is FAITH? I suppose it’s a bit like these driverless cars they say are going to be on our roads in the near future take your hands off the wheel and trust the technology! We are told to walk by faith and not by sight (II Cor 5:7) Moses had to step into the water before it would part. God’s people had to walk silently around Jericho before the walls would fall Elijah had to build the alter on his own opposite the prophets of Baal before the power of God would come down.


In 2018 are we as His people still relying on our own sight, our own abilities and our own intellect? Are we allowing God to do what He does best or are we a bit too keen to give Him a hand? Last night during a conversation with a young chap who was trying to work it all out via his own intellect, I had to remind him that many times in our lives we come to realise that God’s ways don’t always make sense - "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD." Isaiah 55:8.


Thank you for supporting us in prayer.


* Please continue to remember the Team. Our cook Katy leaves this week after almost three years with us. We wish her well, but we need someone to fill this role full time. God knows who that person will be so please join with us in praying that we will see this position filled very quickly. In the meantime, Robyn and Kitty will be covering.

* Annie Blinman (Program Coordinator) is also moving on after many years’ service here at Compass. We thank her for all she has done and again wish her all the best in her next role. Please remember Katy and Annie in prayer, and again that we will be able to recruit another member for the staff team.

* For the Team overall we are going to be stretched somewhat for a while as our main school groups start at the beginning of March. Pray that we will remain strong and encouraged during all that will be required of us over the coming months.

* Give thanks for the Team we are having some wonderful worship times together along with Bible studies. It is so encouraging to see a hunger within the team to grow deeper in Him.

* Bookings although our bookings are good overall, we are so keen to attract new groups and welcome them here to Compass. It’s much more than just a business interest to help further boost figures, we want more chances to reach out to folks and share our faith.

* Getting our name out there we are currently producing new material about who we are, plus designing a stand that can be used at various venues across the country. As we do this we realise the amount of work and commitment involved please pray that God will give us not only wisdom in its design, but also openings for us to go and share who and what we are.

* School season is upon us again as we enter this new season please pray that we will really see the hand of God move upon as we get to know the guests and also as we deliver our evening Download sessions. We realise each year that children now carry so many burdens and are often without hope. What an amazing opportunity we have to share the Hope that has been gifted to us.

* Please pray for two major projects we are involved in end of lane redevelopment & Main Lodge exterior renovations. These are two costly projects, but very necessary within our ongoing development plans. We need finances for these two areas so please ask God for wisdom for us as we continue to plan for these.

* Please remember the Board as they support the Centre and look to direct the work even in the midst of their own busy schedules.

* Outreach we feel the word for the work this year is IMPACT. We would love to see God touch the lives of those who live within the Glens and also our nearest towns. Please pray that we would recognise the openings.


Nigel and the team


2 4 March Strathendrick Baptist (self catered) Full House



5 8 March Falkland House School

Small group to ski

6 9 March Warddykes PS House full


9 11 March 1 Blackburn GB Small group


Coach House booking

2 units

13 16 March St Andrews PS House full


16 18 March Banchory Rock and Edge (self catered) House full

20 23 March St Pius PS

House full

Rowantree PS


23 25 March City Church (self catered) House full


26 30 March No bookings


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