1st April 2018

SAT-7 UK: Prayer News April 1 - 8




There are unknown numbers of believers in

Iran. For those with no one to talk to about

Jesus, SAT-7 has become not just a television

channel but also a virtual pastor, church and

friend through social messaging app Telegram.

Telegram is the most popular messaging app in Iran,

with over half the population active on the platform.

Through Telegram, our Persian team is able to offer

one-to-one support and provide much-needed Christian

resources in a secure way, directly to viewers’ phones.

One viewer, Taghi, had no church and no Christian

friends to speak to, so he was overjoyed to see SAT-7’s

Telegram number appear on his screen. “When I sent

you a message I didn’t think you would answer, but

when you did, hope and a warm feeling ignited in me,”

Taghi said.

There are unknown thousands of isolated Iranian

believers like Taghi – some estimates suggest there may

even be as many as 700,000.

Another of these Iranian

believers, Babak, got in touch

to tell how he had met Jesus

through a friend, who had since

left the country. “I was feeling

very alone until a few days ago,”

Babak said. “I was zapping

through the channels and came

across SAT-7 PARS.” The SAT-7 PARS team was able

to connect with Babak on Telegram, and offered him

the support and resources he so desperately needed.

Thank God for this vital channel of communication,

and pray it would continue to be an encouragement to

believers throughout Iran.


Sunday 1 April

Happy Easter! Thank God

for the new life that Iraniana

believers like Taghi and Babak

have found in Jesus.

Monday 2 April

Thank God for technology

such as the Telegram app,

which makes it possible to

equip Iran’s churches and

isolated believers.

Tuesday 3 April

Pray for the SAT-7 PARS

team, and thank God for the

powerful impact of their work.

Wednesday 4 April

Pray that many more Persian-

speakers, like Babak, would

stumble across SAT-7 PARS

and experience God’s love.

Thursday 5 April

Pray that our response teams

would have wisdom to guide

those who ask for support.

Friday 6 April

Pray that isolated believers

would be able to connect

with each other, even if only

virtually through apps like

Telegram, to build each other

up in their faith.

Sat-Sun 7-8 April

Thank God for the growth

of the Iranian church. Pray

it would continue to flourish,

even under pressure.

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