19th July 2017

Scripture Union Scotland: LM3a, Arran & Ukraine


Prayer points from LM3a




*    Give thanks that teaching programme is going well, with good conversations happening

*    Team are tired, and there aren’t many experienced team members which is causing some challenges with managing some low level behavioural issues

*    Jo still not feeling well and not eating much and feeling very tired and run down




I (Jackie) was able to visit both events on Arran yesterday on an incredibly hot and beautiful day:


Please also give thanks for the two events on Arran this week.  The weather has been fabulous and the team at Whiting Bay were encouraged by the way the two week mission has begun. A good number of young people are known to the team. Give thanks that a local church member is part of the team this year and for good contact and conversation with another church on the island.




The event at Kingscross is going very well and new team leader Anna Yeaman is encouraged. The event was very relaxed and there has been good engagement with teaching and optional sessions. The event has only a small number of boys and Anna gives thanks that they are getting on very well with each other as a group. The boys have been making good use of the prayer tent.





See also prayer letter for the Ukraine International Leadership Camp being led by Jackie. The team leave Edinburgh 4am Friday!




International Leadership Camp - Ukraine

21st July - 6th August 2017

Prayer News

At 4am, on Friday 21st July, a group of seven will meet at Edinburgh airport to fly via

Amsterdam to Kiev. From Kiev, we will travel to the Open Bible (Scripture Union, Ukraine)

campsite in the village of Vorzel about 1.5 hours from Kiev arriving late afternoon. Our

first week will be spent at Vorzel along with others from Moscow, Siberia, Belarus and

Ukraine for a week of leadership training, bible teaching, team building and planning. The

Scottish team will then split up and form teams with others to lead day camps (holiday

clubs) in villages in various locations across Western Ukraine. We will meet back at Vorzel

for a couple of days of debrief and celebration before flying home.

Our programme

21st - arrive & settle in/orientation

22nd - sightseeing in Kiev

22nd -28th- leadership training week at

25th - Team Challenge day in Kiev

29th - travel to Holiday club locations

30th July - 3rd August - Treasure Island -

Holiday clubs

4th August - travel back to Vorzel - debrief and


5th - sightseeing in Kiev or elsewhere

6th - fly home via Amsterdam arriving in

Edinburgh at 21:35

Please pray:

• Unity as a team and ability to adapt to new and

list end

unfamiliar situations quickly

• Good relationships and friendships to be formed

list end

with team members from other nations

• Lots of fun as we host a “Scottish cultural evening,”

• During Week 1 our teaching is based on the life of Paul in the morning and in the evening we will be looking at the fruit of the spirit. During Week

2, our holiday clubs will take the theme “Treasure Island” and be loosely based on the old Landlubbers holiday club resource.

• Pray for safety as we travel to Ukraine and get about by minibus, bus and metro. Please also pray for good health for all of us.

• Dependence on God in all we do and much learning about trusting God for all we need

• For Oksana, Slavic, Pasha, Tima, Grigori and Jackie as they lead many of the teaching and training sessions and visit teams around Ukraine in Week 2


list end


Week 1

08:00 Team Bible Study - in language groups

(English, Russian, Ukrainian). We’ll all be studying


09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Worship, teaching, reflection - we will be

looking at the life of the apostle Paul

11:30 Refreshments

12:00 Time in small teams for Week 2

13:00 Lunch

14:00 - 16:00 Free Time

16:00 - Training sessions

17:30 - Prep time for evening & worship

Rehearsal - fruit of the spirit

18:30 Evening Meal

19:30 Evening worship, teaching, testimony

21:00 Cultural events and games

During our team training weekend the Bible verse above became important as we looked at both the

message we have to share and what it means to be a servant of the Lord Jesus. So, who are we?

Team Leader - Jackie Ringan (has been in Ukraine many times & involved in teaching & training in Wk1)

Team members:

Mark Cobain (17) - SU Scotland gap year - from Bearsden

Daisy Belton (18) - SU Scotland gap year - from East Lothian

Lucy Foster (22) - SU Scotland gap year - from Canonbie

Nathanael Jones (19) - has had a gap year and has been to Ukraine before in February 2016– from Hawick

Katie Stott (23) - SU Scotland gap year - from Dundee

Zoe Strong (17) - completed S6 - from Kilmarnock

We had a great training weekend in May and are looking forward to serving together.

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