18th August 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer August 19 - 25



Monday 19 August

Thank God for Myriam’s

powerful message of

forgiveness, and the millions

of lives it has touched.

Tuesday 20 August

Pray for an end to war and

violence in Iraq and Syria, so

that many more families’ lives

can return to normal.

Wednesday 21 August

Thank God for the resilience

of Iraq’s Christian community,

who remained faithful

under pressure. Ask God to

strengthen them today.

Thursday 22 August

Thank God for the new film,

Sequel of Hope

, and pray it

will be widely viewed and


Friday 23 August

Join Myriam in her prayer

for the world’s children –

particularly those who are

suffering because they are


Sat-Sun 24-25 August

Thank God for the “message

of reconciliation and peace”

that SAT-7 is broadcasting

across the MENA.

“Love your enemies

and pray for those who

persecute you, that you

may be children of your

Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:44-45

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