17th March 2018

Lifewords Prayer March 18 - 24


Reaching out in India

Pavement Project in India has already had a busy year! With two training sessions successfully completed the team are now looking to the next set of workshops in Gujarat next month.


* "We’ve been meeting with two particular organisations who do great work. They were so excited by the impact of Pavement Project and how it not only reaches out to children, but to adults too," says India Director Serah. "We’re now in the initial stages of discussing the implementation of the programme in certain states and regions." Give thanks for the conversations and opportunities that continue to open up around Pavement Project and pray for the potential reach of children and young people in India who could receive the opportunity to experience God’s love, restoring their hope and self-worth.


* Next month Lifewords India will be visiting Gujarat to hold the state’s first Pavement Project training session. Serah says, "It’s really amazing what God can do! Gujarat wasn’t in our plans for 2018 since we didn’t have the capacity. But in February a ministry with 40 missionaries who work with more than 3,500 children approached us about a partnership. They are so keen to reach children with Pavement Project!" Praise God for helping us to do more than we sometimes expect and for positioning us in the places we need to be.


* We recently shared with you the urgent need for Pavement Project training resources in Hindi and Tamil for India and Sri Lanka. Thank you for your prayers and gifts to help make this possible. As we continue working on the production of the DVDs, please pray for wisdom and enthusiasm for the translators, technical teams and new trainers.


You can get involved <https://global.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4bb2690302f87e09194c69f96&id=81d8d5de2a&e=1222455c69> with Lifeword’s ministry around the world and make more opportunities like this possible.

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