16th June 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer June 17 - 23



Samira* and her family fled conflict in Syria, and now live as refugees in Lebanon. Here she shares the challenges of raising children in the midst of uncertainty, and the security she has finally found by experiencing God’s love.

"In 2012, my husband and I had just married when a bomb destroyed our home. We escaped to Lebanon, along with my husband’s parents. We thought that we would soon return.

"In Syria we had an easy life without worries. Now, in Lebanon, everything is so different. When I became pregnant, I was very worried if the hospital would receive me; if they would treat me well and be as good as the hospitals in Syria. It was around that time I got to know the Lord, and he comforted me.

"Now I am a mother of two girls. It is challenging. I would like to dress them in nice clothes and buy them toys. I feel awful when they ask me, ‘Mum, can you buy this? Can I have that?’ Sometimes I think, ‘In Syria I would have been able to afford to give them what they want.’ But then at the same time I remember, ‘But then I wouldn’t have known the Lord.’

"When my youngest girl watches SAT-7 and hears praise songs, she lifts up her hands, praising the Lord and dreaming of being a singer herself. It brings joy to my heart to see them in the Lord’s presence.

"I still suffer by not being able to provide for them. My eldest daughter dreams of becoming a doctor, but she is not even attending a school now. It is hard to accept the thought that they might not fulfil their dreams.

"My girls may not have material things, but they have hope in Jesus. That’s more important for me now."

Monday 17 June

Though Samira had to flee Syria, it gave her the opportunity to hear about Jesus in Lebanon. Thank God that He "works all things together for the good of those who love Him" (Romans 8:28).

Tuesday 18 June

Pray for Samira and her young family, that they will always find their contentment and security in Jesus.

Wednesday 19 June

Thank God that SAT-7 children’s programmes bring such joy to Samira’s daughters, and many others like them.

Thursday 20 June

Today is World Refugee Day. Pray for all those around the world who have been forced to live as refugees.

Friday 21 June There are over 1 million registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Pray that the conflict will soon end to allow them to return home.

Saturday 22 June

90% of the MENA has access to satellite television – even in refugee camps. Thank God that SAT-7 is able to broadcast God’s love to refugees.

Sunday 23 June

Pray that God will provide for Samira and her family, to allow her daughters to receive a good education and pursue their dreams.

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