14th September 2019

Lifewords Prayer September 15 - 21


Choose Life in Kenya

Clara Ngobolia, Kenya Director, updates us on our curriculum-based Bible programme

in Kenya:

 “In Central Kenya county, Choose Life is being used with young people who are at risk of being radicalised in to the Mungiki sect, a banned ethnic organisation.

The programme is being implemented through churches and schools and is helping teachers to empower the young people with good decision-making skills.”

Give thanks for the ongoing impact of Choose Life and for the way in which it is helping young people make considered choices for their lives.


 “Parents of young people in West Pokot (another region in Kenya) have been telling us that their sons and daughters have shown great changes in their

daily choices thanks to Choose Life being used in schools. They can now speak openly and respectfully about the negative practices that affect them and

can see the positive impact of making good choices. Choose Life is gaining popularity among headteachers and we are receiving more requests for the programme

in other schools.” Pray for the continued spread of Choose Life, that more and more schools, churches, and groups working with young people would be eager

to use it in their work.


 “Dr Mercy, from one of our partner organisations, visited the northern part of Kenya and met with educationists in the area. They cited female genital

mutilation and early marriage as cultural practices inhibiting education for boys and girls. Dr Mercy has been talking to people and teachers in schools

and churches who will implement the Choose Life programme, with a view to empowering young people to find alternatives to these oppressive practices.”

Please pray for the Kenya team and partner organisations as they work in these sensitive contexts – ask God to give them wisdom, authority and compassion

as they seek to show people God’s values.

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