14th July 2019

SAT-7 UK News&Prayer July 15 - 23


Monday 15 July

Thank God for SAT-7’s Turkish

channel, which is a vital voice

for Turkish Christians.

Tuesday 16 July

Pray for protection for

members of SAT-7 TÜRK’s



Wednesday 17 July

“We always watch your

channel together as a family. I

really hope my kids will grow

up to be good Christians. It is

hugely important to give my

children spiritual guidance;

you are helping me achieve



Pray that SAT-7 TÜRK will

continue to be a valuable

resource to Turkish families.

Thursday 18 July

SAT-7 TÜRK now streams its

programmes live on Facebook.

Pray that the SAT-7 TÜRK

audience, both on satellite

television and through social

media, will continue to grow.

Friday 19 July

16% of Turkish viewers who

got in touch last year were

asking for Bibles. Pray for

greater availability of Bibles

in Turkish.

Sat-Sun 20-21 July

27% of Turkish viewers who

got in touch in 2018 were

asking questions about

Christianity. Thank God for

this opportunity to share the


Monday 22 July

Thank God for SAT-7’s viewer

support teams, who respond

to the 900+ people who

contact SAT-7 every day!

Tuesday 23 July

Pray for wisdom for Kaya

as he interacts with viewers,

some of whom are facing

similar experiences to his


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