14th July 2019

Christian Aid Weekly Topic


Week beginning 14 July

Accompaniment in Colombia

‘Give justice to the weak and the

orphan’ Read: Psalm 82

Give thanks for those who accompany

human rights defenders in Colombia.

Give thanks that their presence reduces

the threat of violence against our

partners, and pray for the day when

they’re no longer needed because their

lives are no longer at risk.

Give thanks for the peace agreement

signed in 2016. Pray that the

government will fully commit to

the final Peace Agreement, and will

prioritise the protection of human

rights defenders. Pray that everyone in

Colombia will work to build peace

in their country.

Give justice to those who have been

denied their land

to those who have been made weak by


to those who despite it all keep


may they know they do not struggle


In your name,


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