14th July 2017

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Against the odds



Only 11 months old and orphaned his parents killed in a car accident. The future for Nomore looked very precarious. But 16 years later he is a powerful testimony to God’s love poured out through the local church.


Nomore was taken in by his grandparents, who were struggling to survive themselves in the rural province of Masvingo, Zimbabwe. They were living on wild fruit and that was all they had to offer the small child.


‘I can’t imagine how Nomore stayed alive,’ remarks Tearfund’s Donald Mavunduse. ‘It truly was a desperate situation, but thankfully our partner, Zimbabwe Orphans Through Extended Hands (ZOE), was able to step in and save his life by providing formula milk.’


There for good

Nomore’s grandparents were coming to terms with their sudden responsibility for a tiny baby and the tragic loss of his parents. They were going to need loving support to get through the challenging times ahead.


As with many of Tearfund’s partners, ZOE works through the local church, empowering it to reach out to the community. Church members visited Nomore and his grandparents bringing practical gifts and offering prayer and emotional support.


Nomore grew up with the church an integral part of his life. ‘Seeing people from the church visit us made me feel loved and cared for, and the gifts they brought for us at times put a smile on my grandparents’ faces; it was a joy to see them happy,’ he says.


Hard working and determined

It was a constant challenge to find enough money for food for the family and to pay for school fees. But Nomore recognised the value of education and worked hard in the fields to support himself and his grandparents, who were becoming less able to work themselves.


By the age of 11 Nomore was the family’s only breadwinner but he still pursued his schooling. Despite the secondary school being 14 kilometres away Nomore walked each day barefoot and hungry, but determined to pass the exams that would allow him to better his life.


Another loss

At the age of 13, Nomore lost a parent again when his grandmother passed away. This was a devastating blow for the young boy but he did not grieve alone. The church was still there for him and invited him to a kid’s club that ZOE runs for children like him.


Here, with others who knew what it was like to not have parents, Nomore found love and friendship to get him through


‘Being part of the kids club has shaped my perception of life,’ he shares. ‘I now feel that I belong to a big family. I have friends that I openly share my life with, I can laugh with my friends even though we have difficulties in life. I am now able to dream big.’


A dream come true

And part of that dream was to be able to train as a soldering teacher. ZOE, together with the church, was able to help secure a place for Nomore at a teacher training college. While he is away at college the church continues to take care of his grandfather.


‘I am overwhelmed about what God did about my grandson,’ he says. ‘Even if die I now I know that he will be able to take care of himself and he can marry and have his family.’


Nomore is now 17 and in his second year of training. When he graduates he wants to go back to his community and support other children like himself. He believes his testimony can motivate other orphans not to give up.



Please pray



* UNICEF figures indicate there are more than 1.2 million orphans in Zimbabwe. Please pray for them, that they might find loving care and hope for the future.


* Pray for the church in Zimbabwe and Tearfund partners like ZOE as they seek to provide for widows and orphans.


* Pray for the people of Zimbabwe, 72% of whom live in poverty, according to World Bank figures.


If Nomore’s story has moved you please consider giving to our Summer Appeal <http://tearfund.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=cd19eb0b2a74af14054950f15&id=f89e85d796&e=b67d6b82a4> .



A note from...



‘Tragically, Zimbabwe has the highest percentage of orphaned children per capita in the world. It’s a heartbreaking reality. As we see many times in his word, the plight of orphaned children and widows is very much on God’s heart and it is humbling to see the way ZOE works, inspiring churches to reach out to orphaned children in their communities.’


Donald Mavunduse

Geographic Head East and Southern Africa









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Prayer Item #3


IMPACT:LIFE is a new Tearfund initiative connecting young Christian professionals with communities in which we work. Please pray for more to join the initiative and for each of them to engage with an ongoing journey of generosity.


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