14th July 2017

Scripture Union Scotland: Summer Week 3


Prayer Points for SU Events

Summer Wk 3 - 15 to 22 July


Events running this week:

10-31 July            Respond Rwanda trip in partnership with Urban Saints, team led by Helen Moss

15-22 July            Creative Arts Holiday at Bassenfell (CA3) for S1-6 led by Gordon Roy

15-22 July            Kingscross Holiday (KX3) for P6-S2 led by Anna Yeaman

15-22 July            Lendrick Muir Holiday (LM3a) for P5-7 led by Jo & Aaron Black

15-22 July            Lendrick Muir Holiday (LM3b) for S1-S6 led by Katie Piggot & Paul Brennan

15-22 July            Alltnacriche Holiday (AV3) for P6-S6 led by Esther Bailey

15-22 July            SUrf holiday at Scoughall (SUrf) for S1-6 led by Brian & Vicky Allen

17-22 July            Glenshee Motiv8 holiday (GS3) for S3-4 led by John Gillan & Val Scott

15-29 July            Whiting Bay Beach Mission led by Gavin & Joanna Thomson

17-21 July            Clarkston Mission led by Alan Guy

20-21 July            Elie Beach Mission Days led by Bruce & Kirsty Lockhart

21 July – 6 Aug   International Leadership Camp in Ukraine, with team led by Jackie Ringan


Please pray:

  • Give thanks for many years of ministry through the Beach Missions in Elie and Whiting Bay.  Unfortunately due to Bruce Lockhart’s ill health the full Elie Beach Mission is not able to run this year, but there will be two days of events, with a particular focus on Friday 21st July on the 150th Anniversary of Scripture Union Scotland.  The celebrations will mark the occasion when Josiah Spiers wrote “God is love” in the sand at Llandudno Beach and invited children to join him in decorating the words and hearing stories from the Bible.  Pray for good weather on the day to allow all the planned activities to happen and give thanks to God for his faithfulness and for the many lives which have been influenced by beach missions.
  • Pray for Anna Yeaman who will be leading an event on her own for the first time.  There was some difficulty in finding a cooking team for this event, give thanks for those who have volunteered and pray for the whole team as they work together to serve the young people at the event.
    • Give thanks for those working in the Holidays and Volunteers Departments, and pray for all the work that goes into ensuring everyone gets booked to the right holiday, that all the people and equipment get to the right place at the right time, that all the volunteers have their paperwork in place and that teams are well supported as they deliver fantastic events.  Pray for attention to detail, stamina and renewed energy throughout the summer.  One member of staff is currently off ill, pray for a swift recovery, and for the rest of the team as they ensure everything continues to run smoothly. Pray particularly for Robin MacLellan and Jackie Ringan as they lead the departments and respond to issues that arise at events.
  • Give thanks for the opportunities for young people to go on international trips. Pray for those who will be visiting Rwanda and Ukraine this Summer.  Pray for safety in travel, good health, an openness to learn from a different culture, boldness when sharing their faith and many opportunities to learn and grow.  Pray for peace for anxious parents!
  • Give thanks for all the young people who attended Basecamp or LeadUP training and will be serving at events over the Summer.  Give thanks for those who will support and mentor trainees at events and pray for good conversations as young people step out to serve and then review how things have gone.  Pray that no one will struggle with the transition from being a camper to a member of the team and that each one will have opportunities to grow in their faith and discerning their gifts.
    • Pray for those who will be leading evening meetings, sharing a testimony over a meal table, or leading group times with young people.  Pray for a real desire to engage with the Bible and for young people to respond to the significance of Jesus.  Some of the camps will be using material based on Jesus’ I am sayings.  Pray for many to discover more of Who Jesus is and all that He has done for them.  Pray for wisdom and sensitivity for leaders as they chat with young people and respond to their questions.

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