14th April 2018

Lifewords Prayer April 15 - 21


Choose Life: four years on

In 2014 Lifewords Kenya met Nancy a high school student at Nyumbani children’s home. During her time at school she attended Choose Life evening classes taught by Lifewords volunteer Jane Wamaitha. Here is Nancy’s story:


* With 1.6 million people living with HIV, Kenya is one of the most HIV-affected countries in the world. Even though awareness is high, many fear the stigma and discrimination the condition still carries so decide not to seek support. This was the case for Nancy. Although Nyumbani Children’s Home specialises in providing care to HIV-positive children, Nancy chose not to disclose to friends or at school that she was taking regular medication, and eventually stopped taking it as prescribed. Please pray for children and adults worldwide like Nancy, who might be living with HIV in silence.


* Choose Life is an interactive classroom programme designed to help young people develop decision-making skills and values for life, based on the Bible’s wisdom. "After the first few sessions Nancy told me she had made the choice to start taking the HIV medication again," says Jane. "From then her health improved, she was able to focus in class, and graduate from high school." Praise God for the impact of Choose Life in building character and empowering young people with the ability to make the best choices for their lives and their community.


* Nancy has since gone on to take courses in photography, videography, and music production. "She is chasing her dreams and achieving so much," says Jane. "Now when I speak to her, she’s able to talk about her life issues without the pain and bitterness. Nancy always talks about Choose Life to those she meets and says it has helped her face any dilemma she’s going through." Give thanks for the Bible’s life words that are transforming the hearts and minds of young people through Choose Life.


Discover <https://global.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4bb2690302f87e09194c69f96&id=54bb355c64&e=1222455c69> more about Choose Life and help us make stories of transformation like this possible.

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